Purchasing an electric bike is a great investment. In addition to being a viable source of exercise, electric bicycles make it possible to save money on fuel, reduce your carbon footprint, and eliminate some of the stress associated with the average commute. 

That said, there are some drawbacks to this eco-friendly travel solution. Namely, rainy, windy, stormy, icy, and snowy weather. These types of inclement situations can make your e bike investment seem a bit lackluster compared to a traditional automobile. 

Fortunately, fat tire ebikes address most of the concerns experienced in bad weather. 

Let’s take a look at how they achieve this, and and why you should consider buying one of those fat tire electric bikes for sale online.


Electric Fat Bike

The best ebikes on the market today are capable of taking you everywhere you want to go, regardless of the terrain or weather conditions. One of the ways electric cycle manufacturers are able to make this possible is by equipping their electric e bikes with wider tires. 

Bulkier wheels distribute weight more evenly, and use the gravitational pressure generated in this manner to increase traction, as well as surface grip. As a result, biking enthusiasts are able to safely cover most traditionally dangerous terrains, such as the following.

  • Iced over surfaces
  • Snowy roads
  • Slick areas
  • Beaches
  • Mud
  • Gravel

Furthermore, the larger the tire, the better these effects are, which is why fold up electric bikes with the largest tire, known as fat tires, are ideal for commutes in inclement weather.


Comfortable Electric Assist Bicycle

Between better weight distribution and less tire pressure required, fat tires are able to effortlessly smooth out the majority of bumpy rides. This neat effect makes it possible for riders to comfortably tackle most terrains for long periods of time, even if their electric cruiser bike or e mountain bike does not have built-in suspension.

Add in unique features, such as pedal assist, and it is easy to see why most people find fat tire ebikes a complete joy to ride.


Affordable Electric Bike

If you are shopping online for electric assist bicycles, you may notice that most of the cheap ebikes and those listed after searching for “electric folding bike lighweight” tend to not have fat tires equipped. The main reason for this is the extra weight of the wheels. 

Fat tires tend to add a few pounds to electric off road bikes or other ebike types. This in turn, makes shipping expenses go up quite a lot. 

One of the best ways to get around this dilemma when buying used electric bikes is to purchase the fat tires separately and swap them out after delivery. Although the thought of doing so many seem like a big hassle, the extra comfort generated by fat tires is well worth it.

If you are ready to experience what fat tire electric bikes are all about in Charleston, South Carolina, be sure to check out Bintelli bikes.

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