Sherp ATVs are worth a small fortune. As in, six figure MSRP. Given this momentous amont, four wheeler fans may be wondering why Sherp ATVs are so expensive. To find out why these lavish devices are $100,000 or more, read on.


True All Terrain Vehicles


Despite the name, most “all terrain vehicles” are  unable to traverse every surface in existence. As a result, the majority of four wheelers out there are not “true all terrain vehicles”. 


The same cannot be said for Sherp ATVs.


These unique, albeit expensive, four wheelers are designed to tackle almost every type of surface in existence. Even if the terrain is covered in debris. To ensure the general public is aware of this amazing potential, the amphibious vehicle is named after Sherpa. In case you are not familiar, Sherpa live, and work, on the Himalayas, which feature steep, slippery terrain.


To live up to the strong namesake, Sherp ATVs feature the following.


  • Kubota diesel engine typically used in agriculture tractors
  • 2,200 lbs payload capacity
  • Fuel rate of ½ to 1 gallon per hour of operation


Sherp ATVs also come with 8 ply low pressure, high traction tires. Thanks to these puncture resistant wheels, ATV enthusiasts can use the device to cover the following terrains to-date.


  • Swamps
  • Fields abundant in vegetation
  • Snowy hills
  • Icy Mountains
  • Uneven, jagged rocks
  • Loose or wet sand
  • Frozen lakes
  • Slow to moderate rivers


Needless to say, Sherp ATVs are closer to “true all terrain vehicles” than traditional ATVs and UTVs are. Due to this distinct difference in potential usage, it should come as no surprise that the starting price for a Sherp ATV is $100,000. That said, the aforementioned price pales in comparison to the most expensive Sherp model combination.


Sherp Ark


For almost four times the base model price, ATV fans can procure a customizable Sherp Ark. This $350,000 all terrain vehicle attachment essentially transforms an ATV into a limo UTV, which is an ideal solution for search and rescue missions. 


Other astonishing features and noteworthy traits are listed below.


  • Can seat 22 people
  • Bucket chairs with 3 point seat belts
  • Less than 3 lbs of wheel ground pressure
  • 4 mph on water
  • 7,500 lbs of cargo capacity
  • Roughly 19 mph on non-liquid terrain
  • Capable of covering 40 degree inclines and declines
  • 10 wheel drive clearance


To further supplement the deal, Sherp offers two warranties with the Ark. One warranty covers the engine itself. The other is a general warranty that provides coverage for up to roughly 2,000 hours of use. With these in place, ATV fans hoping to use the potentially life-saving device to rescue strangers from certain danger can confidently do so.


As impressive as Sherp ATVs are, most four wheeler fans do not need that much power, hauling potential, or wide range of terrain coverage. Taking this into consideration, ATV enthusiasts may want to invest in a Bintelli four wheeler rather than a super expensive Sherp.


Bintelli Powersports, located in Charleston, South Carolina is your one stop shop for golf carts, LSVs, motorcycles, atvs, dirt bikes, scooters, mopeds, go karts, and more. Nationwide shipping and financing is available! Give them a call at (843) 405-8366 or visit them online!

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