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Why Riding an Electric Bicycle in Charleston Counts as Exercise - Bintelli Powersports

Why Riding an Electric Bicycle in Charleston Counts as Exercise

With a pedal assist option and an electric motor, it is easy to mistakenly classify electric bikes as a vehicle rather than exercise equipment. However, despite the extra luxuries, ebikes still require riders to be a bit physical in their commute, even if the ride is short.

But you do not have to take my word for it.

Researchers have actually tested whether or not riding an e bike, such as an electric mountain bike, does anything for you health wise. And most of us couch potatoes will be pleased to learn that yes, electric biking does indeed count as exercise. Find out why below.

The Study

In August 2019, a team at Brigham Young University conducted a scientific study to determine if riding an ebike provides any health benefits, specifically in regards to exercise. To accomplish this, the team recruited approximately 30 experienced bikers, mostly men, from ages 18 to 65. 

Each person was given a questionnaire to determine various factors that may have an effect on the study, such as why they rode mountain bikes and how they felt about electric bicycles for sale. The majority of the accepted applicants used biking as a method of exercise, whereas the opinion of how viable electric bicycles are in regards to fitness was mixed.

Afterward, the participants were divided into electric mountain bike and traditional riders, before taking a 6 mile journey. During this time frame, heart rate and other biometrics used to determine if an activity is sufficient for cardiovascular fitness were monitored.

Results of the Traditional vs Electric Mountain Bike Test

The heart rate achieved on a regular mountain bike was used as a baseline. Of this 100% rate, approximately 94% of it was reached while riding an electric mountain bike. In addition, riders using electric bicycles experienced biometric levels that met or exceeded those recorded during most cardiovascular exercise. 

This officially confirms that riding an electric bicycle is exercise and thus good for you.

That said, establishing ebike riding is exercise is not the most surprising thing about this study. Believe it or not, after riding an e mountain bike, riders reported a low amount of exertion in the follow-up questionnaire. 

And if that doesn’t blow your socks off, let me elaborate. 

Being able to conduct cardiovascular exercises without feeling any exertion is the equivalent of running non-stop for a while, without any aches, pains, or being out of breath. This is really good news for couch potatoes everywhere, or those struggling to find an exercise routine they can stick to. 

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