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Which Electric Vehicle Is the Most Popular in 2022? - Bintelli Powersports

Which Electric Vehicle Is the Most Popular in 2022?

Electric vehicles are eco-friendly machines capable of providing people with cost-effective transportation. Of these e powered motorized devices, arguably the cheapest models are the powersports machines known as e-bikes. 


That said, an ultra low MSRP does not always generate a steady growth in sales, let alone a sudden spike in the amount of products sold. So when the aforementioned phenomenon occurred in the e bike industry, market researchers at Deloitte decided to implement a survey to evaluate the topic. Read on to find out more.


Deloitte Survey Research and Analytics Center


In an effort to conduct market research, analysts at Deloitte utilize algorithms, big data, and user-submitted answers. From there, the company leverages these insights to generate recommendations for businesses around the world. 


And as one can imagine, when Deloitte shares their findings with the public the information tends to gain a lot of attention. Now that we know a bit more about Deloitte, let us take a look at the “E-Bikes unter strom” survey, which roughly translates to “E bikes under power” in English.


Non-Cheap Electric Bikes


As we mentioned above, e bicycle sales are steadily increasing, and there was a recent spike in the amount of electric bikes sold. However, what we did not mention is that the sudden market boost was witnessed in Germany, and that this noteworthy outlier is why Deloitte decided to administer a survey in the country earlier this year. 


During the process, the research company distributed their electric vehicle survey to citizens over the age of 17, and roughly 1,008 individuals answered the questionnaire by the end of June 2022. 


The first inquiry in the questionnaire asked respondents to reveal whether they use an electric vehicle, and if so, which type. According to the results, roughly 38% of participants stated they use an electric powersports machine, and almost half of these motorized devices were reported to be e bikes.


  • 18% Ebike
  • 7% Electric car
  • 7% E scooter
  • 3% Electric moped
  • 2% E motorcycle
  • 1% Electric micro mobility


Deloitte also asked the respondents to identify which attributes best applied to electric bikes. Out of all the possible answers, e bicycles rated higher than the other electric vehicles in the following categories.


  • 37% fun
  • 41% sustainability
  • 46% an alternative source of transportation


To better understand that last category, participants were asked how electric bikes are typically used. The results from this question are showcased down below.


  • 67% for recreational purposes
  • 53% to run errands
  • 40% for sport related activities
  • 29% on the daily commute


As one may be able to see, the findings of the survey seem to suggest electric bikes are mainly viewed as fun, recreational devices rather than long-term modes of transportation. Upon seeing these findings, Deloitte speculated that public opinion about e bicycle usages may change as the amount of bike lanes increases in the future.


Cheap Used Electric Bikes


By implementing the “E-Bikes unter strom” survey, Deloitte was able to reveal that the most popular electric vehicle in 2022 is the e bike. And although more testing is needed to confirm these findings, it is safe to say the viewpoint is likely going to be replicated in other countries.


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