Throughout history, Harley Davidson, a well-known motorcycle manufacturer, has expanded its industrial reach into other markets. Although some of these ventures were successful, many did not receive a warm welcome from fans. As a result, there are quite a few non-motorcycle Harley Davidsons out there. 


In this article, we take a look at one such variation, dubbed the Harley Davidson golf cart.


Harley Davidson Golf Cart For Sale


When shopping online for “cheap golf carts for sale near me”, odds are Harley Davidson LSVs are not going to show up in the search results. Nevertheless, such devices do indeed exist. 


The first Harley Davidson golf cart was produced in 1963. At the time, the motorcycle manufacturer designed the LSV to ride on three wheels. One in the front, two in the back. To keep the tri wheel configuration in motion, a 245cc dual-cycle single-cylinder engine was included in the device.


Remarkably, these low speed vehicles were met with warm welcome. Matter of fact, by the late 1960s, Harley Davidson golf carts could be found on most golf courses across the United States. During this time frame, the LSV model evolved into a four wheeled device that was available as either an electric or gas powered golf cart.


Although this business decision proved successful, things changed in 1969 when American Machinery and Foundry, or AMF took over the Harley Davidson brand. Under AMF leadership, subsequent industry ventures proved unfruitful. To recoup some of the losses, AMF sold the LSV division to Columbia ParCar, a well-known golf cart manufacturer, in 1982.


Should LSV Fans Buy a Harley Davidson Golf Cart?


Since Harley Davidson LSVs were so popular, many can be found in the aftermarket to this day. A common way to shop for such machinery is by searching online for “Harley Davidson golf cart for sale Craigslist”. Average price for the rare LSVs typically ranges from $50 to over $450.


That said, there are a few outliers. For example, the 1967 Harley Davidson golf cart that Elvis Presley owned was in auction for over $12,000. 


Nevertheless, those that are determined to procure a Harley Davidson golf cart should evaluate the following issues prior to buying said LSV.


  • Harley Davidson golf carts typically do not work
  • Tools and components to fix LSV are often hard to find as well as expensive


Another major dilemma to consider is how the golf cart operates under the hood. To elaborate, the device needs to be turned off to change directions between forward and backward. If this is unacceptable, LSV fans may not want to procure a Harley Davidson golf cart. 


How to Confirm a Harley Davidson Golf Cart is Real?


LSV fans that find a Harley Davidson golf cart online are encouraged to confirm the device is real before purchase. To do so, check to see if the low speed vehicle has a metal plate with a serial number stamped in. This data can be found on the frame cross brace of gas powered golf carts near the rear tire on the driver’s side.


As for electric powered low speed vehicles, the plate may be found behind the batteries.


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