Gas guzzling vehicles are expensive. Drivers are required to pay registration fees, annual property taxes, tags, and insurance before being able to legally use the device. Then, once all those expenses are paid for, drivers have to still buy fuel to actually get the vehicle to move! 

All of these excessive payments can be annoying to deal with at best, and breaking the bank at the worst. Taking this into consideration, individuals seeking a way to avoid the aggravating hassle may opt to purchase a moped or start thinking about looking at scooters for sale.

Which is a wise decision. 

Gas powered scooters and other cheap mopeds are way less expensive to operate than traditional vehicles. And if that was not a good enough reason to switch over to a 150cc moped, drivers are able to avoid a lot of mandatory, time consuming regulations associated with traditional vehicles, such as tags and licensing.

But before you start searching for “mopeds near me” let’s take a look at key issues street legal moped owners wished they had considered before buying their gas scooter for adults.


Engine Type

When it comes to adult mopeds, there are a plethora of engine models and types. A good rule of thumb to go by is the higher the CCs, or cubic centimeters, the better the horsepower and lower the fuel-economy. 

Utilizing this general guideline, drivers interested in getting a black moped that is great on fuel may prefer to get a 49cc gas scooter rather than a 125cc moped.


Moped Dealer

When searching online for “moped store near me”, shoppers should confirm the validity of the moped store they are thinking about visiting. Those that do not may experience extreme buyer’s remorse after dropping a few grand at a shady moped dealership only to find the company out of business a few weeks later.

To avoid such a nightmare, take the time to examine the mopeds and scooters being sold and confirm each gas scooter with seat that you see is of high-quality, especially those being sold as new. In addition, double check the price advertised on the new mopeds for sale. Odds are if the amount asked for is way below the market value, something is amiss.


Average Use

The excitement of looking at the best gas scooters for adults online can leave you starry eyed. As a result, drivers may overlook the long-term effects of having a 50cc moped scooter, such as limited haul capacity and inclement weather. 

To ensure buying a cheap 50cc moped is in your best interest, evaluate how you use your current vehicle. If the tasks you plan on doing cannot be safely done on a moped, you may want to hold off on purchasing a motor scooter.

After carefully evaluating transportation needs, you can responsibly commit to securing that scooter you found online by searching for “buy moped near me”, even if you are located in Charleston, South Carolina.

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