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What is the UTV Takeover? - Bintelli Powersports

What is the UTV Takeover?

Four wheeling is so exhilarating that ATV fans created an annual festival, dubbed the UTV Takeover, to celebrate the beloved pastime. This lively, ATV themed festival features a plethora of ATV related activities, all of which are jam packed into fifteen days.


However, since the aforementioned duration of time is way too long to party, the UTV Takeover is divided up into three, five day stretches. Each of these Wednesday to Sunday blocks take place in three different months, at three different locations along the west coast.


Confused? Do not fret!


We explore everything ATV fans need to know about the 2022 UTV Takeover down below.


UTV For Camping


The first place scheduled on the UTV Takeover tour is the Boxcar Hill Campground in Coos Bay, Oregan. This camping area features a gorgeous coastline, and roughly 40 miles of dunes. As an added bonus, campground organizers mark off the aforementioned sandy areas to make it easier for budding ATVers to drive on hills that better suit their skill level.


Utility terrain vehicle fans hoping to participate in this block of the festival may also be delighted to know that many of the activities, such as the following, are free.


  • Short Course Racing
  • Hillfest
  • Wheeliefest
  • Youth ATV and UTV Training
  • Vendor Row
  • Cornhole Tournaments


That said, everything else related to the event is not free. Parking as well as camping fees apply, and general admission to the event grounds is $45. Those still interested in attending this ATV festival from June 22nd – 26th may find more information here.


Four Wheeler Off Road Park


ATV enthusiasts that prefer the forest to the beach may find the second UTV Takeover event more agreeable. To elaborate, the next destination in the festival is a wooded area in Jay, Oklahoma known as the MidAmerica Outdoors Offroad Park. Here, UTV fans can explore about 1,000 acres of forested trails and mud, in addition to the following activities.


  • Guided Night Rides
  • Bounty Hole
  • Blind Bandit
  • Rock-n-Roll Bingo
  • Stereo Wars
  • Treasure Hunt


Furthermore, the second block of the UTV Takeover is scheduled to occur from August 10th – 14th, but, as of typing this ticket prices have yet to be announced. 


ATV Trails Near Me


Off road vehicle fans that also enjoy rock climbing may want to participate in the third and final UTV Takeover event. This segment of the ATV festival is set to take place at Sand Hollow State Park in Hurricane, Utah due to the following traits.


  • Mind boggling rock formations
  • A reservoir that stretches across roughly 1,300 acres
  • About 15,000 acres of red dunes


As for the four wheeler festival itself, participants can engage in a wide range of free activities, such as those listed below.


  • Night Group Rides
  • Demo Rides
  • Nighttime Show-n-Shine
  • Daytime Show-n-Shine
  • Dizzy Daze
  • Tire Toss


ATV enthusiasts aiming to take part in this portion of the utility terrain vehicle festival can anticipate paying about $50 for general admission. 


For more information about the final UTV Takeover event, click here.


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