Eco-friendly travel is a cost-effective way to mosey around town. Knowing this, moped fans are procuring electric powersports machines. In response to this trend, scooter manufacturers are developing novel moped inventions, such as the products from One Wheel. Find out more about these e scooters down below.


Cheap Electric Scooters


One Wheel, a powersports manufacturer, has successfully transformed the look and feel of electric scooters. This feat was achieved by removing the second scooter wheel as well as the handlebar. In their stead, One Wheel installed a high-tech foot pad sensor which calibrates speed based on rider weight distribution.


That said, the One Wheel scooter is available in three models, and each powersports device has the following traits.


  • 750 watt motor
  • Powerful braking
  • Can be operated on almost any terrain
  • 27” long
  • Comes with magnetic handle that snaps in place when e scooter is turned off
  • Has a max lean angle of greater than 30 degrees


Now that we know a bit more about One Wheel scooters, let’s take a peek at what each electric moped model has to offer.


One Wheel Pint


The cheapest and lightest electric scooter from One Wheel is the Pint. This $1,050 e moped weighs a mere 23 pounds and has a max speed of 16 mph. At first glance, the aforementioned stats make the e scooter seem like a viable option for the daily commute. But factor in the limited range of 7 miles or the 2-hour recharge time and it becomes pretty obvious the Pint is designed for leisure rather than transportation.


Pint X


Moped fans that do not mind paying a bit more for an e scooter with better stats may want to check out the Pint X. As the name implies, this electric powersports machine is a souped up version of the Pint model. 


Noteworthy differences between the two e scooters are listed below.


  • 12-18 mile range per charge
  • Max speed of 18 mph
  • LED lighting
  • 27 lbs
  • Recharge time of 225 minutes


For more information about this $1,400 e scooter, visit the One Wheel website here.


GT Scooter


One of the most expensive One Wheel scooter models is the GT. This non-cheap electric scooter is designed to make operating the device more intuitive, and offers moped fans the following traits.


  • Connects to smartphone app
  • Super bright LED lights boost visibility
  • Concave footpads generate extra grip strength
  • 3 HP
  • Gets an average of 30 miles per charge
  • Top speed is 20 mph
  • Recharges in about 200 minutes
  • 35 lbs


Electric scooter fans hoping to procure this one wheeled powersports machine can anticipate paying about $2,200.


Scooter With a Seat


Without a doubt, the e scooters from One Wheel are delightful motorized devices. Nevertheless, these one wheeled mopeds appear to be designed for recreation, rather than for the daily commute. Knowing this, moped fans may prefer to buy a cheap scooter with seat, such as the Nightwing 50 from Bintelli.


Bintelli Powersports, located in Charleston, South Carolina is your one stop shop for golf carts, LSVs, motorcycles, atvs, dirt bikes, scooters, mopeds, go karts, and more. Nationwide shipping and financing is available! Give them a call at (843) 405-8366 or visit them online!

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