Creating the fastest motorcycle in the world is no easy feat. Despite this fact, the overwhelming challenge has not prevented motorcycle manufacturers from trying to outdo each other. In this article, we reveal the fastest motorcycle ever made, and discuss which company appears to be capable of breaking the current world record for fastest electric motorcycle.


Fastest Motorcycle Speed


According to Guinness, the fastest motorcycle speed ever recorded was implemented by Rocky Robinson in 2010. To achieve the impressive feat, Robinson developed the Top Oil-Ack Attack. This gas powered motorcycle was designed with a heavy focus on drag reduction. 


As a result, the Top Oil-Ack Attack ended up looking more like a submarine than a motorcycle. Nevertheless, the unusual appearance aided Robinson in achieving a top speed of 376 mph.


Breaking a World Record


Given the unusual design of the Top Oil-Ack Attack, the aforementioned speed marker is unlikely to be surpassed anytime soon. That said, there are other related records that are still attainable, such as the world record for the fastest electric motorcycle. 


To-date, this milestone rests at 196 mph.


Taking this into consideration, White Motorcycle Concepts, or WMC, aims to break the decade old record via the WMC250EV. In case you are not familiar, this electric sports bike reduces as much wind drag as possible while still maintaining the appearance of a motorcycle. 


To achieve a massive 69% reduction in drag, WMC laser-scanned the body of their CEO, then fashioned a motorcycle frame to fit the generated shape. By doing so, WMC was able to get the top speed of the WMC250EV up to 250 mph. Other noteworthy traits that aided in increasing the acceleration potential are listed hereafter.


  • Double swing-arm suspension
  • Rear wheel has two 30 kW electric motors
  • Front wheel has a 20 kW e motor on both sides
  • Regenerative braking
  • 15-kWh battery


Needless to say, the WMC250EV appears to be more than capable of breaking the current record for the fastest electric motorcycle.


Fastest Electric Motorcycle


To-date, the WMC250EV has not earned any world record for fastest motorcycle. But this observation does not detract from the fact that WMC appears to have created one of the fastest e motorcycles ever made. For reference, here is a quick rundown of the top speeds of other electric motorcycle brands.


  • LiveWire – Harley Davidson: 100 mph
  • Zero SR – Zero Motorcycles: 124 mph
  • Hypersport Pro – Damon: 200 mph
  • Lightning LS-218 – Lightning Motorcycle: 215 mph


As you can see, the WMC250EV goes about 35 mph faster than the top competitor. Beyond this comparison, however, WMC comes up a bit short. To elaborate, the other electric motorcycle brands attain top speeds with a universal sports bike frame. 


The WMC250EV, on the other hand, relies on a rider specific frame to go super fast. Since this form fitting feature is not marketable on a large scale, WMC came up with a post win marketing plan that involves evolving the e motorcycle into an ebike.


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