After serving in the military, veterans often yearn to be with peers that are former soldiers. To fulfill this desire, a group of former military members in Alabama developed an organization known as the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association®. In this article, we dive into what the group is as well as how to join the association.


Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association


Back in May 2001, forty-five veterans banded together to create the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association, or CVMA. As the name implies, the group is dedicated to enriching the lives of former soldiers that also adore riding motorcycles, such as the following.


  • Harley Davidsons
  • Kawasakis
  • Yamahas
  • Sports bikes
  • Choppers
  • Used street bikes
  • Hondas


That said, CVMA is not a motorcycle club. To elaborate, the association is a registered 501(c)(19) charity. Furthermore, the mission of the group is to improve the lives of veterans, as well as their friends and family. Thanks to the legal distinction, members do not need to procure a membership with the VFW, also known as the Veterans of Foreign Wars. 


CVMA Activities


According to the CVMA website, there are three categories of membership. Full, supporter, and auxiliary. Each of the aforementioned tiers highlight the relation a member has to the military. See the list below for more details.


  • Full members have verified combat experience 
  • Supporters possess non-combat military service
  • Auxiliary tier is reserved for spouses, widows, and widowers of the members above


It is important to note that all membership tiers participate in events that benefit veterans or the United States of America. A few examples include riding motorcycles to raise awareness, engaging in the Adopt A Highway® program, and giving away sponsorships for education.


That said, it appears the education sponsorships are conducted by the CVMAA, also known as the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association® Auxiliary, which is part of CVMA. The aforementioned feat is achieved by gathering auxiliary membership dues and donations, then redistributing the funds to those that are actively enrolled in college.


Who Can Join CVMA?


Motorcycle and sports bike enthusiasts hoping to become a CVMA member are required to meet a specific set of requirements. In general, the well-defined regulations are based on the applicant’s relationship to the military as outlined in the last section. 


Once this distinction is confirmed, potential applicants must be of good character, have a valid motorcycle driver license, and proof of insurance to proceed in the enrollment process. Other noteworthy membership tier requirements are listed hereafter.


  • Full members must have a DD 214 or a service record book, and a sports bike with a 500cc or higher engine
  • Auxiliary participants need to be a spouse, widow, or widower of a CVMA member, and must be a supporter of all branches of the military
  • Supporters are required to own a 500cc or higher motorcycle, be a veteran, and gain a sponsorship from a full member


Qualifying motorcycle and sports bike fans aiming to join either the CVMA or CVMAA may do so here. After the form is submitted, the applicant may be contacted by the chapter representative in their area within a few days. 


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