Ebikes started out as traditional bicycles with a motor strapped on. Since then, the e bike concept has evolved drastically, and now includes the engine inside the frame, as well as other modern day perks, such as the pedal-assist feature. 


In lieu of this progress, CLIP has opted to go a bit retro in the development department. As a result, the aforementioned electric motor manufacturer has found a way to make an old-school electric bicycle model popular again. Find out how below.


What is CLIP?


In general, CLIP is a modernized old-school engine design. However, given the versatility and popularity of the device, the aforementioned meager description does not do the motor justice. For example, CLIP can transform almost any bicycle into an electric bike. No tools required.


Here is how it works.


Akin to a chip clip, the CLIP device clamps onto any 26” to 28” front tire. From there, the friction powered machine uses a roller inside the device to move the wheel forward.


Should Cyclists Get a CLIP?


CLIP offers cyclists quite a few perks beyond the bicycle to ebike transformation, such as those listed below.


  • Full recharge in about 40 minutes
  • Works with or without smartphone app
  • Weighs only 7 lbs
  • 450W motor
  • 36V 144Wh battery
  • 1 year replacement warranty
  • Delivers optimal torque and RPM to avoid slippage or excessive wear on the front tire
  • Can go up to 15 mph


As an added bonus, CLIP has no external wires or hookups. Cyclists can literally clip-on the fully charged engine and start riding. Given the simplicity of this design, cycling enthusiasts can easily add or remove the device as needed, thus reducing the odds of theft.


That said, a CLIP bike does have a few negatives attached, such as weather inhibitors. 


To elaborate, the electric powered engine manufacturer advises users to avoid utilizing the device while it is raining. Based on this information, there is likely no water proof barrier inside the gear to keep liquid from curling into the device via the roller.


Be sure to take this into consideration before pre-ordering the device. 


Speaking of which, currently down payments, also known as pre-orders, are $50. After the friction powered engine is delivered an additional $350 is charged to the associated account. Needless to say, for only $400, Cycling fans hoping to experience an ebike without paying a grand to do so may want to consider procuring a CLIP. 


When Can Cyclists Procure a CLIP?


As of writing this, the original CLIP investors are scheduled to receive the device by March 2021. However, those that opt to participate in the second batch may not receive a CLIP until sometime this summer.


For those that would rather not wait that long, check out the electric bikes from Bintelli. These fabulous devices are available in a wide range of styles, models, and colors. Plus, all Bintelli ebikes can be safely rode in the rain, which is vital for daily commuters.


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