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What is Motorcycle Chariot Racing? - Bintelli Powersports

What is Motorcycle Chariot Racing?

When the word chariot is uttered, odds are a horse-drawn cart comes to mind. But despite this common association, chariots are not exclusively drawn by horses. Matter of fact, modern chariot races feature two-wheeled carts that are pulled by cheap used sports bikes. 


Find out more about this unusual sport as we discuss motorcycle chariot racing down below.


Antique Sports Bikes


As we mentioned above, chariots were traditionally pulled by horses. These finicky contraptions made it possible for charioteers to stand on two-wheeled platforms, urge the animals forward, and attempt to accelerate past competitors. This sport, known as chariot racing, was super popular in ancient times, yet fell out of favor at the end of the Roman Empire.


Since then, the iconic sport has resurfaced as motorcycle chariot racing at least two times.


The first known occurrence of sports bike chariot racing is in the 1920s after the film known as Ben-Hur was released. Once this concept took root, Australia fleshed out the rules of the race. Of these regulations, arguably the most humorous appears to be a dress code that required charioteers to dress in Roman garb.


But regardless of whether the aforementioned claim is legit, the sport eventually spread to Europe and America. These races typically featured motorcycle-drawn contraptions that were created using super basic concepts, such as the following.


  • Motorcyclists operated the sports bikes attached to the occupied chariot
  • Powersports machines were controlled by ropes tied to motorcycle handlebars
  • Thin bars wrapped around the handlebar base of each sports bike kept them together
  • Charioteers stood in a wooden, partial box equipped with two wheels


And as one can likely imagine, the novel motorcycle chariot races were entertaining, as well as extremely dangerous. Nevertheless, motorcyclists participated in sports bike chariot racing until the activity was extinguished by the pressures of WWII.


Cheap Used Motorcycles


The second time motorcycle chariot racing gained popularity is within the last decade. Although the reason behind this resurgence is not fully understood, the festive activity appears to be welcomed among motorcyclists and sports bike fans. 


That said, modern motorcycle chariots feature a plethora of updates that make the original rope and bar design look very simplistic. For example, novel models are usually welded onto well-engineered steel cages that are designed to keep the sports bikes in place. 


Other noteworthy changes are below.


  • Chariot features tall walls and a textured steel bed
  • Metal tire guards
  • Reigns equipped with LED lights for extra flair
  • Integrated, sturdy reigns that collectively control the throttle as well as the brakes


Needless to say, these upgrades make it possible for charioteers to ride in style, as well as control the attached motorcycles. Which is ideal, considering some motocross shows feature sports bike chariots that are equipped with eight powersports machines.


Used Motorcycle Chariot Racing


Without a doubt, powersports machine chariot racing has captured the attention of motorcycle fans throughout recent history. Motorcyclists interested in seeing this sport may be able to do so in-person at a sports bike festival, or on their favorite video sharing platform.


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