Vintage style mopeds are back in style! Unfortunately, the newer models featuring the popular design aesthetic are a bit on the expensive side. Taking this into consideration, savvy motor scooter fans may prefer to get a used vintage style moped instead. Read on to find out which old moped brands are worth buying.




Established in 1899, Puch became well-known by manufacturing bicycles. By 1954, the manufacturer sold a license to up and coming moped manufacturer Tomos. A few decades later, the popularity of Tomos scooters led Puch to start producing mopeds as well. 


Since the success of these custom motor scooters helped Puch stay in business until 1985, moped fans often hold the brand in high regard. As a result, these vintage motor scooters are very popular to this day, and considered to be worth investing in if you find one online after searching for “cheap scooters”.




As we mentioned above, Tomos got its start after buying licensure from Puch. Thanks to this strategic business decision, the scooter manufacturer was able to produce mopeds for almost 70 years. Although there is much debate as to which particular model is the best, there is little disagreement about whether the scooters are high-quality. 


Find out more about the models and cheap moped prices here.




Another moped manufacturer that has stood the test of time is Garelli. In case you are not familiar, this motor scooter producer started developing mopeds as early as 1919. Before then, the founder of Garelli, Adalberto Garelli, worked for Fiat. 


When the aforementioned company did not show interest in two-stroke engines, Garelli opted to quit and develop the tech. Overtime, this engine tech was incorporated into scooter models, which is why the old mopeds are worth buying if you find a cheap Garelli.




Founded in 1949, Berini initially developed “het eitje”, or “the egg” bicycles. These novel devices could be bought with or without an egg shaped gas tank, and the fuel housing fit onto almost all bicycle models at the time. Leveraging the profits from this business venture, Berini started producing mopeds in 1954.


The novel devices were capable of meeting government speed regulations by using a “smart disc system” in lieu of shrinking the engine size. Thanks to this savvy solution, Berini still produces mopeds to this day.


As for the vintage Berini mopeds, they are considered to be very rare. So, if you are in the market for a used moped and you find a Berini for less than $2,000 consider yourself lucky!




After World War II, this motorcycle manufacturer expanded their business to include scooters with a seat. This successful business venture continued until 1985 when Zündapp went bankrupt. From there, Zündapp sold its intellectual property and production lines, then started manufacturing 4-stroke engines for Honda. Since this process still continues as of date, it is safe to say the old mopeds the Zündapp once produced are worth buying.


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