Golfers are having to ride solo in golf carts these days due to CDC guidelines. In case you are not familiar, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, or CDC, recommends maintaining a distance of six feet from others. Since this type of space is not feasible on a 4 seater golf cart, many establishments simply restricted riders to one on rentals.


Although this type of venture can be a bit lonesome compared to traditional outings, it beats not being able to utilize Ezgos, Club Cars, or other luxury golf carts while golfing. Which is exactly what golfers are being forced to do when there are no more rentals left. 


As a result, golfing enthusiasts are testing out replacement devices. So far, it looks like golf cart scooters are becoming the preferred option. In this article, we take a look at what they are, and why they are becoming so popular.


Ride Alone in Style


As we mentioned above, many golfers are either riding solo or foregoing an LSV altogether. To avoid being in such an unwanted predicament golfers are trying out the following alternatives.


  • Golfboards: motorized standing platform
  • Golf push carts: wheeled compartment
  • Golfbike: traditional device repurposed to carry golf clubs and other related items
  • Golf Scooter: a moped golf cart hybrid
  • Golf Bag Holder: essentially a Segway capable of balancing a heavy golf bag


Of those listed above, golf scooters have been gaining a lot of attention recently, even though there are less than ten product listings on Amazon.


What is a Golf Cart Scooter?


Golf cart scooters, also known simply as golf scooters, are single rider low speed vehicles. Viewed from the front, golf scooters look similar to a fat tire motorcycle. From the side, these LSVs heavily resemble motor scooters, due to the low platform footrest and seat position. 


However, unlike most mopeds, golf scooters have the motor and battery pack under the seat as well as a large, porturding compartment hanging off of the back. Here, riders can store golf bags, gear, equipment, and a cooler. Other noteworthy features are listed below.


  • Available in tri wheel models
  • Extra cushioned seat
  • 20ah removable and rechargeable batteries 
  • Chargeable without removing lithium ion batteries
  • Front and back suspension
  • May be modded to go 20 mph, arrives with 15 mph speed cap
  • Electric components stay charged for roughly 25 miles or about 36 golf holes
  • Takes about 7 hours to charge


That said, the sudden increase in golf scooter popularity is mainly due to CDC guidelines. These LSVs make it possible for golfers to adhere to social distancing recommendations without sacrificing speed or appearance. Plus, the asking price of golf cart scooters is about $4,000, thus making them a very appealing option for both golfers and golf course owners.


Unfortunately, many of these low speed vehicles are currently on a 6 week backlog. If you are interested in owning an LSV and do not want to wait that long, be sure to check out Bintelli.


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