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What Are Drag Bikes? - Bintelli Powersports

What Are Drag Bikes?

Motorcycles are available in a wide array of models and designs. Of these various styles, arguably the fastest two-wheeled powersports machines are drag bikes. These custom sports bikes are able to quickly reach blistering speeds thanks to the inclusion of non-street-legal, acceleration-boosting gear.


Find out more about these super fast motorcycles down below.


Used Motorcycle Drag Race


When a custom drag bike has impressive performance stats the owners of the motorcycle in question usually enter their powersports machine into a drag race. These competitions typically take place on dragstrips equipped with two, side-by-side, straight lanes, distance markers, and large countdown lights.


Now that we know a bit more about the type of terrain super-fast motorcycles are raced on, let us take a look at how drag bikes are categorized in national competitions.


Top Fuel Drag Bike


When entered into a drag race, non-cheap sports bikes are categorized based on engine size, aerodynamic design, fuel type, weight, modifications, and model. For example, in some Top Fuel competitions drag bikes are only allowed entry if they have the following characteristics.


  • Fueled by nitromethane
  • Not a Harley Davidson model
  • Produce over 1,400 horsepower
  • Operated by a professional motorcycle driver
  • Accelerate to at least 250 miles per hour in less than 10 seconds


After qualifying sports bikes are identified, racers are paired off into heads-up competitions. For those unfamiliar, the term “heads-up” refers to any event where people are required to compete at the same time, side-by-side. In Top Fuel, heads-up races are conducted in pairs, and drag bike performance stats are used to determine tournament placement.


Top Fuel Harley Drag Race


As we mentioned above, Harley Davidson drag bikes are usually excluded from most Top Fuel motocross competitions. What we did not mention, however, is the reason behind this exclusion. See, Harleys are often viewed as being in a league of their own, and this widely held opinion has led organizers to create a Top Fuel category specifically for the iconic sports bike. 


Motorcycle fans hoping to enter one of these drag racing competitions may be able to do so if their powersports machine has the following attributes.


  • Uses nitromethane
  • Has a pushrod, V-Twin engine and other Harley-Davidson machinery
  • Gets at least 1,500 horsepower
  • Accelerates to 200 miles per hour within 1/4 of a mile


Needless to say, Top Fuel Harley and non-Harley Davidson drag races can be pretty exciting. 


Pro Stock Motorcycle


The final heads-up race on our list is the Pro Stock Motorcycle. As the name implies, this competition features motorcycle-manufacturer sports bikes that are specifically designed for drag racing, rather than the daily commute. 


Other noteworthy Pro Stock qualifications are listed below.


  • Bodywork of the original motorcycle model
  • Able to get over 195 miles per hour in under 10 seconds
  • Must use a specific type of gasoline


Motorcyclists interested in finding out more about this drag race category may be able to do so by visiting the National Hot Rod Association website.


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