Good news for antique motorcycle fans. A treasure trove of old motorcycle parts was recently discovered beneath The House Clearance Emporium in Britain. The shop owner, Brian Taylor, stated the unearthed motorcycle parts are from various time periods in history, with some noteworthy pieces being about 100 years old.


How The Discovery Was Made

Extreme flooding last month led to The House Clearance Emporium being under about 7-inches of water. Once the flood levels finally receded last week, Taylor and his crew set to work replacing anything that had signs of water damage. 

During the process of tearing up the carpet, a hidden trap door was revealed. Opening the concealed compartment exposed a brick box, jam packed with old motorcycle parts. 


Motorcycle Parts Found

According to Shropshire Star, before becoming The House Clearance Emporium, the building was used as a motorcycle shop. Which accounts for how the hidden treasure trove of motorcycle parts came to be. However, knowing this raises more questions than answers. 

For example, who was the last person to put parts in the 3-foot by 4-foot box, and at what point did previous shop owners decide to hide a 2-foot deep box under the floorboards? Although we may never find out, the hidden discovery is still pretty exciting. 

That said, here is a brief list of vintage items recovered.

  • Four-valve cylinder head for a Rudge-Whitworth 
  • Crankcase for a JA Prestwich Industries motorcycle
  • Antique gears
  • Springs
  • Spacers
  • Bolts
  • Scrap

For more information, check out some of the parts Taylor opted to publicly display here.


Buying Vintage Motorcycle For Sale

Rudge-Whitworth and JA Prestwich Industries motorcycles were manufactured pre-1965. Taking this into consideration, the other vintage parts discovered under the trap door may very well be from the same brands. However, this is just speculation. The only detail we know for sure is the previous owner did not clear out the compartment before selling the building. 

As for buying the discovered motorcycle parts, no official word in regards to place or time has been issued as of date. Nevertheless, it does sound like these vintage pieces may be for sale in the future. According to Taylor, “…they are so old they have interest now and value”. 

If the owner of The House Clearance Emporium does pursue selling the motorcycle parts, Taylor will likely have the items appraised and refurbished beforehand, as this process tends to increase profits in the aftermarket.


Purchasing Used Motorcycles

If you are an avid vintage motorcycle collector, do yourself a favor and make a few Google Alerts for the parts Taylor discovered. That way you can always be updated on the latest details.

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