No matter which of the used golf carts for sale by owner online you choose to buy, that low speed vehicle will be subject to local laws. Although most of these regulations are reasonable, there are very few that are exciting, such as the one recently passed in Utah.

The rule in question, HB184, makes it possible for golf cart enthusiasts to drive their vehicle on the streets and be treated the same way legally as a bicycle. That said, this is only a state law, which means local cities still have the opportunity to clarify if all roads are acceptable to drive on and other details. 

Nevertheless, the fact HB184 passed is pretty awesome. Let’s take a look at why.


House Bill 184

When looking online for cool golf carts, odds are checking out your local laws regarding the device is not on your mind. As a result, you may not be aware of whether your luxury golf cart is street legal, has an age requirement, or needs to be registered. 

So, to ensure you do not get into trouble with local law enforcements, do a bit of research before you go riding in Charleston, South Carolina or abroad. That way you know what is, and is not, acceptable in your area. As for Utah, until further legislation is enacted, the following is permitted until local cities say otherwise.

  • LSVs allowed on all public roads
  • Drivers do not need insurance to drive used electric golf carts, utility golf carts, 6 passenger golf carts, limo golf carts, or any other lsv you can get from a golf cart store
  • License plates are not required, even if the custom cart is an enclosed golf cart or lifted Club Car
  • Registration is not necessary
  • Drivers do not need a license to operate an 8 person golf carts, low speed electric vehicles, lsv carts, or any other street legal carts
  • An age limit is not established

To recap, HB184 basically states that golf cart operators are only required to follow the same rules cyclists do. As a result, anyone interested in driving a golf cart around town is able to do so. Which may be a lifesaver for those who need an inexpensive form of transportation.


Possible Issues

As is, HB184 makes it possible for small children to go on a joyride in a 6 seater golf cart if they want to, without having to face any legal repercussions should things go awry. And that is just one issue that needs to be addressed. Here are a few more.

  • If children start fighting over who owns the golf car, how will authorities intervene and establish who is telling the truth without any registration documents available?
  • If there is an accident, who should be called if the little ones have no id on them and their phones are all locked?
  • If a police officer needs to issue a ticket, how would they go about doing so?

As you can tell, HB185 appears to be both a liberating achievement and a public hindrance.

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