Golf carts are usually associated with leisurely activities, such as joy riding and golfing. However, many citizens are using ezgos, club cars, and other custom golf carts in less conventional ways. As a result, loads of smiles and happy moments are being shared across the nation. Find out more below.


Annual Memorial Day Event

In Ellenton, Florida, residents living in Colony Cove traditionally have an annual Memorial Day parade to honor America’s fallen heroes. During the event, members of the age-restricted community ride around the area in fancy golf carts. 

However, this year was a bit different due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Matter of fact, according to community member, Richard Chaney, “Initially, we were told by the park manager that we could not have it”. Fortunately, the rule was rescinded on the grounds that all residents must maintain social distancing guidelines. 

In total, over 100 Colony Cove residents participated, which is the largest turnout to date.


Honoring 2020 Graduates

Many graduation plans were canceled this year. Nevertheless, not everyone gave up on holding some type of celebratory acknowledgement for the Class of 2020. For example, members of The Village opted to have a golf cart parade, by placing balloons, streamers, and signs onto the following vehicles.

  • Street legal electric carts
  • Ez go carts
  • 4×4 electric golf cart
  • road legal golf cart
  • lifted club cars
  • low speed electric vehicle

From there, citizens gathered at a safe distance and road together on a predetermined route. Along the way, lsv cart drivers honked their horns and passengers waved signs. According to Mitchell Owen, college graduate of 2020, “I thought, ‘Oh there’s a few neighbors in golf carts … Then, there were more and more.” 

Owen went on to grin and say “It was all a surprise”. 


Authority Participation

Although golf cart parades are fairly straightforward, no two events are quite the same. In early June, family and friends of high school graduates plan on holding a parade in Iroquois County, Illinois. As a special treat, a fire truck will be joining the jolly group to make some noise and highlight the accomplishments of the graduates.


Celebrating Life

At the start of May, members of the Colony in Florida started holding weekly parades.The objective of this golf cart event is to bring a bit of cheer and a few smiles to residents in the area. To accomplish this, golf cart owners dress up in funny costumes, deck out their lsvs in unusual ways, and drive around the community banging pots as well as pans.

According to Shirl Petruzzi, a community resident, “With the pandemic going on, nobody is going anywhere, nobody is doing anything. I think a lot of them felt rejected and alone, a lot of single people in here, too. So, somebody got the brainy idea let’s just ride around and cheer people up. And that’s exactly what they’ve been doing.”

Needless to say, golf cart parades are a great way to safely spread happiness.

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