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Unusual Golf Cart Accessories - Bintelli Powersports

Unusual Golf Cart Accessories

Golf carts for sale are available in all sorts of configurations, thanks to a wide variety of accessories and customization options. And although this is pretty awesome, having too many choices at your disposal can lead to indecision. 

Fortunately, there is a solution to overcome this mental hurdle. 

Start with the essentials, and add on to your new or used golf cart as time goes on. To help you get started on this endeavor, we have collected some of the more unusual accessories you can buy to aptly personalize your custom golf cart.

Ice Bar

Having a cold drink while driving around in warm weather is a great way to stay hydrated. But, unfortunately, most standard cup holders have absolutely no way to keep a drink cool. Those seeking a suitable solution to this dilemma will be happy to know that one exists. 

Simply equip your new or used golf cart with an ice bar.

In case you are not familiar with the product, picture a hotel ice bucket wrapped in a shade of leather that matches your golf cart sitting in the middle of a golf cart seat. Driver or riders can fill said ice bar up with frozen water chunks and keep any bottled or canned drink chilled.

Sure. There are plenty of coolers out there that do the same thing. However, having an “ice bar” custom built into your new golf cart is somewhat of a rarity. Not to mention a cool summer treat.

Space Heater

To get the most out of golfing, golfers tend to play the sport in warm weather. As such, most golf cart owners prefer to stay cool when driving around in their Ezgo golf cart or Club Car. So, when you see a space heater accessory for a new or used golf cart, it sounds a bit out of place.

Nevertheless, if you are a winter rider, you will be happy to know most golf cart space heaters get about 5-hours on a small propane tank. To get the most out of this device in your custom golf car, be sure to use this item along with an enclosure of your choice. 

Doing so ensure most of the heat generated by the space heater stays within the vehicle.

Old Fashioned Golf Cart Horn

Most golf carts for sale have a horn imbedded in the steering wheel. To avoid relying on this cliche method, consider attaching an old fashioned horn to the front. Bear in mind, when we say old fashioned, we mean in style only. As in, not an antique. 

The modern old fashioned golf cart horn looks like a mini tuba. 

Only it is silver, shiny, and powered by a rubber ball. Sound familiar? It should, if you have ever driven a classic golf cart. In addition to the unusual look, this traditional horn design produces a unique sound when honked. Which is a great way to personalize any gas or electric golf carts. 

That said, deciding how to enhance your used or new golf cart is just as important as actually buying one. 

So, if you find yourself browsing the search results of “golf carts for sale craigslist“, “used street legal golf carts”, “golf carts for sale in Charleston, South Carolina”, or any other combination, remember, that’s just the first step! 

The next is customizing your golf cart to suit your unique needs.

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