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Top Trailers for Hauling ATVs in 2022 - Bintelli Powersports

Top Trailers for Hauling ATVs in 2022

Traveling to various ATV and UTV trails can be super fun. However, to embark on these trips 4 wheeler enthusiasts typically need a way to safely haul their all terrain vehicle or side by side. Taking this into consideration, we composed the following guide to highlight the top trailers for hauling ATVs in 2022.


Cheap Used Trailer for Four Wheeler Hauling


Arguably the cheapest way to transport a pair of ATVs is by renting a 6 x 12 Utility Trailer from UHaul. This convenient rental method can usually be procured in every state for less than $20 a day, and offers the following features.


  • Fold-down ramp is 57″ long and 4’9″ wide
  • Cargo capacity of 3,710 lbs
  • Automatic hydraulic surge brake
  • Several thick, heavy-duty tie-down hooks
  • 6 x 12 platform is typically big enough to hold two 4 wheelers


That said, there are noteworthy cons associated with this cheap ATV transportation method, and a few are listed below.


  • Unable to own the UHaul trailer 
  • Individual rental fees can eventually exceed the price of buying a new trailer
  • UHaul has very specific regulations in place regarding which vehicles are permitted to haul their ATV and UTV trailers


To find out more about this cheap four wheeler carrier, click here.


Karavan Landscape Trailer


Despite the name, the Landscape Trailer from Karavan is capable of transporting a wide range of powersports machines, and features a patented, pivoting rail system that can be rearranged to grant four wheeler access on almost every side. In addition, the $1,300 trailer from Karavan features noise reducing, lockable latches, as well as integrated wiring, and a safety chain. 


ATV and UTV enthusiasts interested in procuring this non-cheap four wheeler hauler are encouraged to visit their nearest Home Depot.


Utility Foldable Trailer


Interested in owning a foldable, non-cheap UTV trailer? Check out the Utility Foldable Trailer from Tow Smart Trailers. This 72” x 108”, mesh cage trailer quickly unfolds to generate room for a side-by-side or a couple of small ATVs. 


Other noteworthy attributes are listed below.


  • Deck is 14″ tall
  • 9″ Axle
  • Low center of gravity
  • Shock absorption
  • Comes with two 48″ x 13″ ramps
  • 13” wheels 
  • Some assembly is required


ATV fans living on the west coast of the USA may be able to have this $3,000 UTV trailer shipped to their household by clicking here.


Explorer 4×6 Utility


Made by Jumping Jack, the Explorer 4×6 Utility is an unusual two tier trailer. The top level has mini rails, tie down spots, and enough room to support a full-sized, all terrain vehicle. As for the second level, Jumping Jack utilizes this area to house a pop-up tent! This segment comes with two beds, a table, and features the items listed hereafter.


  • Recessed LED lights
  • Seven-way electric plug
  • Outdoor step stool
  • Seven screened windows


Needless to say, this non-cheap ATV trailer may be an ideal solution for four wheeler fans that prefer to camp and trailblaze on the same adventure.


For more information about this $7,500 four wheeler hauler, visit the Jumping Jack website.


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