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Top Sports Bike Modifications in 2022 - Bintelli Powersports

Top Sports Bike Modifications in 2022

Without a doubt, custom Harley Davidsons and other luxury sports bikes look phenomenal out on the road. But despite how aesthetically-pleasing these powersports machines are, many motorcyclists forgo applying the same upgrades, and miss out on the opportunity to own a custom sports bike. 


And although there are a plethora of reasons associated with this phenomenon, debatably the most likely is that novel sports bike modifications are not widely known. To address this trend, we highlight the top sports bike modifications in 2022.


Cheap Motorcycle Glow Lights


Regardless of how bright it is outside, motorists seem to have an issue with seeing motorcyclists out on the road. Taking this into consideration, sports bike fans may want to increase their level of visibility by installing cheap motorcycle glow lights, such as the Bluetooth Advanced Million Color LED Motorcycle Lighting Kit With Smartphone Control. 


As the name implies, this sports bike gear is designed to display a wide range of attention catching colors, and comes with the following.


  • Built-in bluetooth
  • Easy-to-conceal, waterproof control box
  • Low voltage shutoff kicks in when battery starts running low
  • Includes automatic brake lights that can be integrated into electrical system if desired
  • LED lights are ultra-bright
  • Free shipping is offered


But despite how awesome this motorcycle modification is, the kit does have a major drawback due to legal reasons. To elaborate, having a red light in the front of a powersports machine is illegal in some areas. Be sure to keep this in mind prior to buying the Bluetooth Advanced Million Color LED Motorcycle Lighting Kit With Smartphone Control for $140.


Sports Bike Pannier Racks


Being able to haul essentials, such as food, water, and an extra pair of clothes, can be a lifesaver when riding a motorcycle. With this detail in mind, motorcyclists may want to consider installing a set of motorcycle pannier racks. These metallic, sturdy devices are typically designed to support hefty pannier bags without adding a lot of fuel-guzzling weight. 


That said, motorcycle gear manufacturers typically develop sports bike pannier racks with a specific model in mind. For example, TouraTechUSA offers a wide range of units that are compatible with Yamahas, Kawasakis, Harley Davidsons, and other luxury sports bikes.


Motorcycle Stereo System With Bluetooth


Hearing the wind whirl around a moving sports bike can be relaxing if the sound is dampened to a dull roar. Nevertheless, this constant noise has a habit of becoming unbearable after a while. Motorcyclists that find themselves experiencing this unfortunate situation may want to procure a motorcycle stereo system with bluetooth, such as the Kuryakyn Road Thunder Bluetooth Sound Bar Plus by MTX. 


This one-size-fits-all, powersports machine gear is designed to pump out wind-dampening music, and comes with the following.


  • Bluetooth receiver with automatic pairing
  • Water-resistant USB charging port
  • Built-in circuit and heat sink come with self-protection technology.


For more information about this $423 sound system, visit the Revzilla website.


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