Motorcyclists that have on safety gear during an accident are more likely to survive than those who do not. Taking this into consideration, motorcycle fans are encouraged to wear a helmet and other related items, such as a spine protector.


What is a Spine Protector?


As the name implies, spine protection tools are designed to reduce damage inflicted to the back during an accident. To achieve the aforementioned goal, safety gear manufacturers have developed two different ways to attach the tool to the body.


  • Spine protector that slips into the large back pocket of a jacket
  • Standalone spine protection tool that can be directly strapped onto the body


In addition, each sprint protection tool offers different levels of protection. To elaborate, spine protectors are certified based on how much force gets through on impact. Level one certification means the gear in question transmits less than 24 kilonewtons, whereas level two only permits 12 kilonewtons.


That said, there are quite a few spine protection tools available, and many of them are overpriced. To reduce the odds of buying cheap motorcycle gear masquerading as high-quality products, read on.


Scorpion EXO SAS-TEC


Enduring 212° F heat is no easy feat. Being able to do so without breaking while taking multiple hits is astonishing. Motorcycle fans hoping to adorn gear capable of the aforementioned feats should check out the EXO SAS-TEC. This slip in spine protector is partially made from recyclable material, and DOT approved. Other noteworthy traits are listed below.


  • Becomes more firm as it is compressed
  • Swiftly regains original shape after impact
  • One size fits all
  • Weighs 13 lbs


To procure this spine protection tool, be prepared to pay about $50.


Alpinestars Nucelon KR-1I


Boasting a certification level 2 ranking, the slip in spine protector from Alpinestars is designed for both safety and comfort. The exterior of the motorcycle safety gear is a flexible, hard shell equipped with perforated holes for ventilation purposes. Inside the protective outer layer is impact resistant, energy absorbing foam that is contoured to gently hug the spine and back. 


Needless to say, it is easy to see why owners of Harley Davidsons, Kawasakis, and used sports bikes are paying $80 for this spine protection tool.


Joe Rocket Speedmaster 2.0


Another certified spine protector worth looking into is the Joe Rocket Speedmaster 2.0. This lightweight, durable safety gear is great at absorbing shock and dampening impacts. As an added bonus, the aforementioned tasks are achieved with breathable material that only weighs three pounds.


Design wise, the Joe Rocket Speedmaster 2.0 is a standalone spine protector. To prevent the device from being restrictive, the motorcycle safety gear manufacturer equipped the back protection tool with adjustable straps and two pivot points. Other features listed below.


  • Certified level 2 spine protector
  • High-density foam armor
  • Honeycomb ventilation system that dissipates heat and humidity


Sports bike fans interested in procuring the Speedmaster 2.0 may do so for about $75.


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