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Top Motorcycle Cup Holders in 2022 - Bintelli Powersports

Top Motorcycle Cup Holders in 2022

Cruising down the highway on a Harley Davidson, Kawasaki, or Yamaha motorcycle tends to be pretty exciting. Due to this, motorcyclists often find ways to schedule the beloved pastime into their annual routine, and may even go as far as leveraging various journeys to raise awareness of an issue or fundraise for a worthy cause.


But regardless of why sports bike fans ride, all motorcyclists share a common trait. They get thirsty out on the road. Motorcycle enthusiasts that find themselves in this situation somewhat frequently may want to consider buying a sports bike accessory capable of addressing their thirst quenching needs, such as the following non-cheap motorcycle cup holders.


Kruzer Kaddy Clamp Mount Black Powder Coated


Motorcyclists interested in housing moderate size drinks may want to invest in the Kruzer Kaddy Clamp Mount Black Powder Coated. Although this sports bike accessory does not appear to be compatible with 32 oz cups, the non-cheap sports bike gear does house most containers with a diameter of 3 inches. 


Other noteworthy perks are listed hereafter.


  • Harley Davidson accessory comes with an easy-to-install mounting stud
  • Motorcycle gear features a detachable, double insulated cup
  • Fits onto 7/8″ – 1.75″ handlebars or other similar surfaces


For more information about this $50 motorcycle accessory, visit the Kruzer Kaddy website.


Lexin LX-C3 Motorcycle Cup Holder


In need of a flexible cup holder? Check out the LX-C3 from Lexin. This tri-color sports bike accessory is equipped with a 360° swivel ball-mount that makes repositioning the cheap motorcycle component somewhat easy when enough force is applied. 


To further supplement the aforementioned goal, Lexin installed firm, foam teeth on the inside of the handlebar clamp, as well as along the cup rim. Thanks to these additions, the non-cheap Harley Davidson accessory is unlikely to damage the gear it is mounted onto, while maintaining a strong grip on most cups, cans, and bottles. 


To find out more about the $40 motorcycle cup holder from Lexin, click here.


Drink Holder With Perch Mount


Made using neoprene rubber, the Drink Holder With Perch Mount is oil- and heat-resistant, as well as waterproof. For those unfamiliar, neoprene rubber is the same material that is often used in wetsuits and other related items. That said, it is possible to be allergic to neoprene rubber.


Motorcyclists that are not allergic to the waterproof material may be delighted to know the Drink Holder With Perch Mount from Ciro offers the following features.


  • Detachable cup can house bottles, cans, and household glasses that have a diameter smaller than 3 ¼”
  • Adjustable ball mounting system
  • Fits onto most handlebars that are between 7/8″ and 1 1/4″
  • Comes with a rubber liner to prevent engine vibrations from transferring to beverage
  • Weighs 14.4 ounces


Harley Davidson fans can anticipate paying about $75 for this non-cheap sports bike accessory, or $85 to procure a similar Ciro model capable of housing 32 oz beverages.


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