If a transportation device can be stolen, thieves are going to steal it. Taking this into consideration, it behooves moped owners to take strong measures against being robbed. Although there are many methods to achieve the aforementioned goal, one of the best ways to prevent a moped theft is via a motor scooter lock.


That said, there are not very many locks designed specifically for scooters with a seat, and those that are tend to have built-in security flaws. So, to find out which moped locks are actually worth buying in 2021, read on.


Grip Lock


Any moped enthusiast can tell you that if the brakes are engaged on the scooter with a seat, the device is not going to work as intended. Leveraging this functionality, BigPantha developed a high-quality grip lock. Known as the “#1 Motorcycle Lock”, this motor scooter lock clamps onto a handlebar and brake lever, thus forcing the speed-reducing gear to be engaged. 


Moped enthusiasts interested in buying the BigPantha grip lock may be pleased to know the device comes with a holster, and is available for only $35.


Disc Lock


Another nifty lock worth checking out is the disc lock from YOHOOLYO. This $26 lock loops through a brake disc and prevents the wheel from turning 360°. As an added bonus, YOHOOLYO added the following to the gear.


  • Weather resistant
  • 5 second delay motion sensor
  • Made of thick metal thus hard to damage
  • If 7mm interior locking pin is tampered with an 110 db alarm goes off until the device is unlocked


Unfortunately, there is a flaw with this $26 motor scooter disc. The back panel. To elaborate, the back panel can be removed via four hex screws. Therefore, if a thief has a hex key, this disc lock is only going to extend the duration of the theft, rather than prevent it.


Big Lock and Thick Chain


Every hurdle a thief faces during a robbery increases the odds of them getting caught, or giving up. Moped owners can use this to their advantage by doubling up on the amount of security devices used. 


For those interested in procuring multiple deterrents in one go, check out the Hard Security Range package from Bike Trac. This almost $200 kit includes a few security devices and other novel items that may come in handy.


  • Thick, bolt cutter resistant metal chain
  • Physical keys and a card key
  • Gloves
  • Disc lock and reminder tag
  • Carrying bag


When combined, the chain tethers the moped to a sturdy structure from within the disc lock as said security device prevents the wheel from turning.




Moped fans interested in keeping the wheels on their 50cc scooter immobile may want to grab a u-lock. The upper part of this security device can be woven through a moped wheel and locked into two holes in the rectangle base. 


If this solution sounds ideal, be sure to avoid leaving excess room between the inside of the U and the base, since thieves can rupture the lock portion by wedging a hand jack in.


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