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Top Ebike Maintenance Tips in 2022 - Bintelli Powersports

Top Ebike Maintenance Tips in 2022

Bicycle maintenance is often considered to be less strenuous than taking care of a motorized vehicle. Taking this into consideration, one may wonder whether electric bikes are more stressful to take care of than traditional bicycles. Budding ebike fans hoping to determine if the aforementioned issue is true in their unique situation may be able to do so as we explore the top electric bike maintenance tips in 2022 down below.


Changing Used Electric Bike Tires


First and foremost, all of the maintenance steps implemented while maintaining a traditional bicycle need to be implemented on an e-bike. For example, cyclists that own either non-electric or electric bikes have to fix deflated wheels on occasion, be it via adding more air or replacing the circular component altogether. 


That said, one of the best ways to reduce the frequency of flat tires is to utilize slime-filled inner tubes or install puncture resistant fat tires.


Ebike Chain Maintenance


As we mentioned above, ebikes require the same care as traditional bicycles, and another great example is chain maintenance. See, bicycle chains are continuously pulled by the gears and motor on an e-bike. Overtime, this tugging stretches out the metallic links so much that the component ends up damaging the teeth on the rear cassette case and derailleur. 


Cyclists hoping to avoid having to replace the cassette and derailleur due to a neglected bike chain may want to implement the following steps.


  • Use a ruler or chain gauge to determine if the metallic component needs to be replaced at least once a month
  • Clean cassette, derailleur, pedal gear, and ebike chain every 50 to 75 miles


In addition, consider using a thick e bicycle chain since they tend to have a slower deterioration rate than thinner metallic links.


Electric Bike Derailleur


E bike derailleurs are designed to reduce some of the stress applied to the cassette and chain, as well as help with the process of shifting gears. Given how important this component is, it should come as no surprise that derailleurs are expensive.


Electric bicycle fans interested in reducing the amount of wear and tear inflicted on their derailleur are encouraged to avoid riding over sticks. The seemingly innocent wooden debris is well-known for wreaking havoc on derailleurs as cyclists ride over them.


Electric Bike Battery Maintenance


One of the main differences between a traditional bicycle and an ebike is the inclusion of a battery. Although this piece of equipment typically only requires recharging, the frequency of this step can become problematic as the energy unit loses capacity. To slow down the rate of energy capsule decay, be sure to store batteries in areas that are shielded from extreme temperatures.


Spare Components for Cheap Used Ebike


High-quality e bicycles, such as the Bintelli Quest – Fast Electric Bike, typically have an MSRP of about $2,500. In general, these sturdy ebikes are a great, eco-friendly investment that can last several years with proper maintenance. However, it is important to note the battery and motor inside any electric powersports machine can become unusable.


If this unwanted event occurs, evaluate whether it is cost-effective to replace the worn down components compared to buying a new e-bike.


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