Electric bikes are awesome. These eco-friendly devices offer riders a variety of perks, such as long distance travel and smoother traffic integration. Taking this into consideration, you may be considering taking on the challenge of converting your traditional bicycle into an ebike. 

Savvy cycling enthusiasts that have accomplished this were able to do so after researching various ebike conversion kits online. To help you bypass a portion of this time-consuming process we created the following guide.


Barebones Kit From JaxPety

There are multiple ways to determine if a conversion kit is worth buying. However, there are four main factors that should be evaluated prior to purchase. Motor output, battery life, wheel size, and price. The fastest way to figure out the first two is by identifying the type of experience you want to have on your electric bicycle, such as top speeds and battery replacement frequency.

For cycling enthusiasts that want upgrade their bicycle without spending a lot of money on a conversion kit, check out this JaxPety product. The motor is able to produce about 19 mph and comes with the following items.

  • 26” back wheel
  • 48V motor
  • Controller
  • Handbrakes
  • Twist throttle
  • Battery indicator
  • Grips
  • Connectors

As you can see, this kit does not come with a battery. Due to this, the total price to convert your traditional bicycle into a hybrid electric bike will be much higher than the $175 asking price for this conversion kit. Nevertheless, if you are looking for an inexpensive way to convert your bicycle into a slightly faster ebike, this kit is a nice place to start.


Bafang Motor Included

For those that do not mind paying a bit more for quality check out this conversion kit from Bafang. Interested parties can select various battery packs, wheel sizes, and motor outputs. Other awesome perks include a 1-year warranty, and the items listed below.

  • 48V Bafang front motor hub
  • Motor controller
  • Thumb throttle
  • Pedal Assist System Sensor
  • Display
  • Battery
  • Brake Lever
  • Rim
  • Headlight

In case you are not familiar with Pedal Assist Systems, or PAS, this technology levels out energy output between you and the motor. To elaborate, pedal assist bikes increase or decrease battery power based on how fast you move the gears. 

As a result, the system ensures you are able to maintain the speed you picked on the PAS controller, thus making it possible to conserve electricity on long-distance rides. By combining this technology with one of the best ebike motors available to-date, Bafang definitely elevated their conversion kit to high-mid tier status, and the price tag reflects this.

Depending on your rim, motor, and battery needs, the Bafang conversion kit may cost you about $867. Nevertheless, after factoring how long it takes to add everything to your traditional bicycle, it may be more time and cost-effective for you to simply buy an ebike outright. Be sure to take this into consideration before committing to buying a pricey conversion kit.

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