When an electric bike manufacturer starts advertising a new line of electric bicycles, a plethora of details, such as dimensions and specs, are all disclosed. This information is provided to help shoppers pick out the best e bike for them, be it an electric mountain bike, folding electric bike, or otherwise. 

That said, not all limitations established by manufacturers are set in stone. For example, some metrics, such as how many miles per charge an electric road bike gets, can be way higher than originally advertised. However, to achieve these higher readouts, extra accessories are needed. 

Let’s take a look at the top 5 electric assist bike accessories you can use to improve the overall performance of your hybrid electric bike.


New Wheels

The lighter a pedal assist bike is, the faster it can go. This is due to the fact that less energy is required to set lighter objects into motion. One of the best ways to shed some weight from your ebike is by upgrading the tires.

Ideally, readers should try to pick up lighter, stiffer wheels with a high-end aerodynamic design. Although this can be pricey, luxury wheels can make even the best electric bicycle out there perform better by accomplishing the following.

  • Reduce wind resistance
  • Less momentum required to maintain high speeds
  • Better road grip and traction

Combined, the metrics listed above can increase the total number of miles feasible on any of the so called “best ebikes” out there.


Better Tires

In addition to wheels, cycling enthusiasts should look into getting better tires. In case you are not familiar with the distinction, tires are inside the wheel itself, connected to the air valve, and come in two varieties, tube and tubeless. 

By swapping out stock rubber tires for new ones, road grip can be increased, whereas weight and rolling resistance is reduced, resulting in better performance.


Wheel Weights

When you find yourself cruising down a big hill at full speed, you may notice your wheels start to wobble. This is normal. Matter of fact, the wobble phenomenon is so common pro riders are known to deal with it while racing by adding various wheel weights in target trouble areas.

Therefore, as long as everything is properly connected, there is no need to worry. 


Swap Out Gear Cassettes

Depending on the type of terrain you are going to be traveling on, you may need a non-stock, custom gear cassette. The various versions available make it possible to equip your electric fat bike with a variety of novel perks, such as increase rotation and speed via a super condensed cassette, or adding more gears to make going uphill easier.


Swap Out Cables

As time goes on, additional wear and tear contributes to the gradual degrade of a new ebike. If ignored, these can destroy the average number of miles you get per charge and increase the odds of an accident. Needless to say, if you are planning on buying a used electric bike, some integral items, such as the cables, need to be swapped out. 

After adding the upgrades we listed, you can ensure that cheap ebike you plan on buying in Charleston, South Carolina, or any other location, is running at peak performance.

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