When asked to describe a moped, most people state a motor scooter is a 2-wheeled device equipped with a small engine. Other descriptions commonly added in are the vehicle is eco-friendly, and cost-effective given the fact that it can run on either gas or electricity.


Although these traits aptly define what a traditional moped is, they may not be as on point in the future thanks to Squad Mobility. This small vehicle manufacturer is seeking to evolve the concept of what a moped is, and we explore those possibilities in this article.


Introducing the Solar City Car


Utilizing solar energy, the new “car” from Squad Mobility is a moped automobile hybrid. At first glance, the new moped appears to be a golf cart. However, it is anything but. The new Solar City Car has a larger engine, capable of going 50 mph, and the device can be ordered with the following removable door types.


  • Half for those seeking splash protection only
  • Full doors for greater protection from the elements


Needless to say, both options are useful depending on how you anticipate using the new moped. That said, ordering a Solar City Car with full doors definitely has its perks considering air conditioning is an available option. Other noteworthy features the NEV or Neighborhood Electric Vehicle include are listed below.


  • Roll cage
  • Solar panels
  • Batteries that are chargeable
  • Distinct lack of taxes and fees owed to government as well as insurance entities


In addition, the new Solar City Car comes with a storage space option. Base price is roughly $6,400, whereas a fully equipped Squad Solar is almost $9750 for interested buyers that reside outside of the EU.


Drawbacks to the New Moped Car Hybrid


First and foremost, production for the new moped is not scheduled to start until the end of 2021. As a result, if you are interested in owning one of these awesome devices a long-term investment is required. Should this information not deter you from wanting to own one, refunding is the second biggest issue.


Even though investors are refunded, Squad Mobility does deduct a 2% administration fee from the amount. Due to this, moped enthusiasts may be a bit hesitant to go all in on a fully decked out street legal moped given the major difference in potential refund amounts.


Third, there is no mention of how much power is drained by the air conditioning feature. The only hints we are afforded are the fact that the Solar City Car can go about 12 miles per charge and that it is possible to swap out the battery packs. Which means you can extend the ride time by swapping out the batteries once the solar power starts to run low.


Nevertheless, if you can look past these issues, the new motor moped may be worth investing in. After all, being able to harness the power of the sun is a worthwhile endeavor that is notably cheaper than electricity.


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