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The New Heads Up Display For eBikes - Bintelli Powersports

The New Heads Up Display For eBikes

Google Glass was society’s first attempt at generating a digital overlay on reality. And by all accounts, it was a huge failure. For example, those that wore the devices were publicly assaulted for wearing them. Add in the fact that there were quite a few radiation related health concerns and it is easy to see why everyone is not wearing a pair now. 

But beyond these issues, the concept was futuristic. Utilize the advances technology has generated to make life a bit easier. And although Google appears to have given up on the idea, Bosch has not. Matter of fact, they are revisiting the idea and giving it a new, yet traditional look. 

Find out more about the device and why you will want one for your electric bicycle down below.


Navigate the World With Smart Glasses

Multitasking requires a person to split their attention between two or more activities. As a result, someone can only focus 50% on two tasks, or less than that if there are more objectives. To elaborate, picture this scenario. You are riding along on your e bike and suddenly you realize you forgot the directions. 

Rather than lose time by stopping to check your phone, you forego safety, pull up the directions, and almost hit someone in the process. This is not acceptable, as it poses a danger to you and those around you. 

Needless to say, addressing this safety issue is exactly what Bosch appears to have in mind. 

Dubbed the Smartglasses Light Drive, the heads up display, or HUD, places see-through navigation directions and distance on the lenses. Beyond that, however, there are not a lot of details available just yet. That said, there are quite a few logical conclusions we can make based on just those few bits of data.

For example, the non-intrusive guidance signals featured on the Smartglasses are likely connected to a GPS system. Although this may be built-in, odds are the connection is via a smartphone. And if that is the case, it means Light Drive is bluetooth compatible. 

Which opens up a whole new world for e mountain bike and electric road bike riders.


What This Means For Bicyclists

Having a bluetooth enabled overlay would make it possible to sync up with your foldable electric bike or any other electric assist bike that is compatible. As such, you would be able to see exactly how much battery life remains, brake fluid, tire pressure, miles per hour, or any other metric your electric cycle keeps track of.In theory, this would mean you can keep your eyes on your surroundings without having to look down at the LED display to check your levels. 

And if that was not impressive enough, the Smartglasses look like an ordinary pair of glasses. Oh, and if you are already wearing glasses, fret not. According to Bosch, the technology is compatible with traditional corrective lenses.

If you are in the market for electric fat bikes, womens electric bikes, or the best budget electric bike available to-date, consider adding a pair of Bosch glasses to your ebike gear to get the most out of your commute.

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