When you hear the name Harley Davidson, odds are you picture an awesome looking motorcycle. Which makes sense since manufacturing motorcycles is how the iconic American brand became so popular. 

Nevertheless, the brand has produced a moped in the past. Let’s take a look at how the new model compares to it, as well as the other Harley Davidson electric vehicle known as LiveWire.


Harley Davidson Motor Scooter Highlights

The original Harley Davidson moped is known as the Topper. This gas moped managed to get about 40 mph, covered great distances without needing repairs, and continued operating for decades with proper maintenance. For example, the Milwaukee Brewers used a Topper as a bullpen car, and it lasted from 1959 to 1995.

Hopefully, the new moped model from Harley Davidson has similar longevity. However, given the following differences, this may not be the case.

  • Electric rather than gas
  • Likely has a speed cap of 30 mph
  • Streamlined, minimalistic look
  • Not as block like
  • Designed for endurance
  • Floor model is bright orange
  • May not have a sidecar
  • Lacks storage compartments
  • State-of-the-art components, such as halo headlights
  • License plate holder
  • Battery likely removeable

That said, Harley Davidson may not be developing the possibly street legal moped in the United States. According to Electrek, the patent for the adult moped was actually filed with the European Union Intellectual Property Office. 

Since patent rights are a big deal when it comes to copyright infringement issues, it likely means it will be a while before the electric moped is available in the US.

Although the motive behind this move is not yet known, there is an market for electric vehicles here in the states. Matter of fact, to meet this well-known demand, Harley Davidson revealed an electric motorcycle earlier this year, known as the LiveWire.


Harley Davidson Moped vs LiveWire

Speaking of which, motorcycle, moped and scooter enthusiasts may be wondering how the new moped from Harley Davidson compares to the LiveWire. 

In case you are not familiar, this awesome, eco-friendly machine uses electricity to reach speeds of over 105 mph, which is pretty impressive for an electric motorcycle. Other noteworthy bragging rights include the fact that the device can go from 0 to 60 mph in about 3 seconds and cover roughly 100 miles on one charge.

Unfortunately, the new moped pales in comparison to these states, and the main differences between it and the LiveWire lacks are listed below.

  • Kickstand lifts back tire off the ground
  • Has a speed cap
  • Likely features a 5kW motor, rather than the powerful 78kW engine utilized in the electric motorcycle
  • Lacks substantial storage space
  • Middle of electric moped resembles a bicycle

In addition, compared to the LiveWire’s asking price of $30k, the new moped from Harley Davidson is probably going to be cheap in comparison. However, given the fact the motorcycle brand is putting their name on the electric device, the motor scooter is definitely going to be a high-quality machine.

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