Even if you do not want to or think you need to, you should always wear a helmet. This single piece of gear may save your life or significantly reduce injury during an accident. Furthermore, wearing one does not imply you are a bad driver. 

Matter of fact, odds are you’re probably an excellent driver, fully capable of navigating around town on a motor scooter. However, there is no concrete way to predict what the other drivers are going to do. And all it takes is one inconsiderate person to run a red light for a potentially deadly accident to occur.

Due to the severity of such a predicament, Nevada updated their helmet laws in October 2019. As a result, all moped drivers and riders throughout the state are required to wear helmets in 2020. Bear in mind, this regulation does include 150cc scooters, 50cc mopeds, and all other street legal mopeds.


Is Nevada The Only State With a Moped Helmet Law?

Although the United States has attempted to pass a federal helmet law, to-date, this issue is largely left up to individual states to decide. Needless to say, citizens may not know if they are required to wear headgear while driving their moped moped. 

To ensure you are able to avoid paying fines and fees, we compiled the following list of states where wearing a helmet on a moped or scooter for sale is mandatory, regardless of age.

  • Alabama
  • Alaska
  • Georgia
  • Massachusetts
  • Mississippi
  • Nebraska
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • North Carolina
  • Oregon
  • Tennessee
  • Virginia

That said, not everyone over the age of 21 is interested in purchasing a gas moped. For example, there are likely plenty of zoomers out there searching online to find a moped for sale. In addition, you can bet your bottom dollar quite a few parents are on the hunt to locate a few scooters for sale as a way to ensure their children are able to have transportation.

And if you are in a location with a helmet law, such as in Charleston, South Carolina, you will need to make sure you purchase, as well as wear, a moped helmet if you are under 21. For more information, see the list below.

  • Delaware – under 18
  • Florida – under 16
  • Indiana – under 18
  • Maine – under 18
  • Michigan – under 19
  • Minnesota – under 18
  • North Dakota – under 18
  • Ohio – under 18
  • Oklahoma – under 18
  • South Carolina – under 21
  • South Dakota – under 18
  • Utah – under 18

Riders and drivers in need of a good helmet are advised to buy those specifically approved by the Department of Transportation, or DOT for short. Typically, these safety devices can be purchased online, which is convenient considering most moped dealers do not sell them with their mopeds and scooters. 

To recap, if you are searching for “50cc scooters for sale near me”, “150cc moped for sale”, or the best 150cc scooters, it is your responsibility to check your local laws before riding. And if you discover you need to wear a helmet when you ride your new moped or gas scooter with seat, do so.

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