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Stark Varg May Be the Fastest Electric Dirt Bike Ever Produced - Bintelli Powersports

Stark Varg May Be the Fastest Electric Dirt Bike Ever Produced

To-date, arguably the fastest gas powered dirt bike in the world is the KTM 450 SX-F. For those unfamiliar, the aforementioned 450cc gas powered dirt bike has a top speed of 123 mph and weighs roughly 222 pounds. But despite this awesome speed-to-weight ratio, Stark Future, an electric dirt bike manufacturer, claims “the world’s fastest motocross bike is now electric”.


In this article we discuss whether the boast is legit as we review the e dirt bike in question.


Stark Varg Electric Dirt Bike


As we mentioned above, Stark Future has issued a claim that the fastest motocross in the world is no longer a gas powered dirt bike. However, what we did not mention is the boast may actually be true. 


To elaborate, Stark Future has developed an e dirt bike packed with a plethora of powerful features that collectively seem to warrant the title of “the fastest motocross in the world”. A few important highlights are down below.


  • Electric motor has a peak rating of 80 HP
  • Wheel torque is a whopping 938 Nm
  • Virtually waterproof 6 kWh air-cooled battery weighs 70.5 lbs
  • A fully charged Stark Varg can be operated for roughly 6-hours
  • Weighs 242.5 lbs


That said, Stark Future opted not disclose the top speed of their novel dirt bike. 


Non Cheap Electric Dirt Bike


Given the boastful claim and omission of a top speed, it should come as no surprise the motocross announcement from Stark Future has garnered quite a few skeptical, albeit hopeful, fans. But, even if the acceleration rates do not match the expectations of fans, the novel electric dirt bike still has quite a lot to offer.


For example, the electric dirt bike produces almost no noise. Thanks to this trait, the motorized device can be drove almost anywhere undetected. And if that tidbit was not enough to peak serious interest, consider this. The Stark Varg requires significantly less maintenance than traditional gas powered bikes, and offers the following.


  • Includes a charger that is capable of recharging the e dirt bike in less than 2 hours
  • Aluminum handlebar comes installed with a smartphone controller and soft grips
  • Galfer disc brakes in the front and back
  • Comes with a hydraulic brake system that was created by Brembo
  • Pirelli Scorpion MX32 80/100-21 front and 110/90-19 back wheel
  • Connects to the Stark Varg app 
  • Dirt bike fans can use the aforementioned software to explore 100 ride mode variations
  • Foot pegs are made of a lightweight, strong, rust-free material
  • Customers have a choice between installing either a hand or foot brake free of charge
  • Available in three colors, Stark Red, Forest Grey, or Snow White


As of typing this, the delivery date for the next Stark Varg shipment is scheduled for January 2023, and a downpayment of $100 is required. Curious dirt bike fans hoping to find out more about this $12,900 powersports machine may do so here.


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