These days, electric bikes are all the rage. E bikes offer travelers a convenient, eco-friendly way to cover long distances, without becoming fatigued. That said, the popularity of electric bicycles is creating a rather perplexing problem. Should cyclists commit to buying the best electric bike if it is unable to fold, or should they purchase a folding electric bike? 

Let’s discuss the pros and cons so you can determine which one is the optimal choice for you.


Electric Mountain Bike

There are plenty of electric bikes for sale online. Not all of them are good. However, even if you do find an ebike that is considered to be high-quality, the device may not be made for the task you have in mind. For example, mountain biking. This type of activity demands a cheap electric bike capable of being agile, powerful, and sturdy. 

Since the foldable electric bike can be essentially split in half, the strength of its frame largely relies on a thick metal pin. Which means mountain bike riders run the risk of not having as sturdy of a frame as they need in a life or death situation.

In addition, ebike manufacturers have to dedicate a portion of the development process to perfecting the folding portion of a foldable ebike. As a result, the company producing the ebikes may charge more for foldability and balance out the final price tag by using inferior components, such as the derailer.


Electric Road Bike

The daily commute is another activity where an electric assist bike comes in handy. These eco-friendly devices require little energy, and can be super convenient if they can be folded up into a small, easy to store size. That said, not all folding electric assist bikes perform well on congested streets, due to any of the following reasons. 

  • Consistent stopping and starting drains the battery fairly fast
  • No way to capture lost energy during the speeding up and slowing down process
  • Since the front and back of a folding ebike is not directly connected together, a slight, energy draining wobble may be generated
  • Extra levels and tabs can increase wind resistance

As a result, commuters may find they get more miles per charge on a non-folding ebike than when riding a foldable one. Be sure to take this into consideration before buying an electric bike.


Folding Electric Bikes For Adults

Foldable ebikes have a lot to offer cycling enthusiasts, if they can find a way to avoid losing loads of energy while riding. To get a better idea as to why, here are a few of the advantages most of the best folding electric bikes offer.

  • Can be reduced down to a small, compact size in under a minute
  • Typically fit into oversized duffle bag
  • Riders are able to easily stash folding ebicycles beneath desks
  • Made light enough to carry with you anywhere

Ultimately, how you plan on using a step through electric bike will help you determine which ebicycle is best for you.

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