After searching for ‘mopeds for sale near me’, you may find a result that describes the product offered as ‘a two-wheeled device, equipped with a motor, seat, lights, and a horn’. 

Now, given the search parameter provided, namely moped, you would likely assume the search result is for a motor scooter. However, this same description would also be befitting for an ebike.

To take things one step further, if you ask someone to describe an ebike or a moped, odds are they will provide a description that fits either device. So, what gives? Surely 150cc scooters and 50cc mopeds are not the same as bicycles with motors on them, right?

Knowing the differences between the two will help you make an informed buying decision.


Physical Differences Between Ebikes and Cheap Mopeds

Gas powered scooters, such as a 49cc scooter or 150cc moped, do not have foot pedals. Instead, there is a platform where riders can rest their feet while driving around town, thus making it possible to completely focus on enjoying the ride.

Another important physical distinction is seat room, namely in regards to passengers. Mopeds are typically able to support two people. Although this rider capacity is achieved at expense of comfort, the cramped arrangement is still feasible. The same cannot be said for ebikes.

So, if you are interested in giving your friend a lift home from time to time, you should get a cheap moped rather than an electric bicycle.


Are 49cc Mopeds More Powerful?

While browsing the search results generated from ‘gas scooter for adults’, you may notice a bunch of street legal mopeds with various engine sizes, such as 49cc. In general, the larger the number is before the cc, or cubic centimeters, the more power the device’s engine can produce.

That said, the engine on ebikes do not use this metric to evaluate power. 

Rather, manufacturers describe the device’s power output based on volts, mph, and distance achieved per charge. So, to get an idea of which two-wheeled vehicle is more powerful, let’s compare average outputs of a few devices, both gas and electric.

  • NIU: electric moped that gets about 40 miles per charge and top speeds of 30 mph
  • Average gas motor scooter: easily exceeds 30 mph and cover over 100 miles per fill up
  • Average ebike: top speed limited to 28 mph in the United States, range per charge varies heavily based on quality of the e bicycle

Needless to say, if you are looking for a two-wheeled device that packs a lot of horsepower, you may want to start looking for cheap mopeds for sale rather than an ebike.


Why Buy an Ebike Instead of a Cheap 150cc Scooter?

Even the best 50cc moped has a few drawbacks when compared to the versatility of ebikes. Here are a few of the major ones.

  • Black mopeds are not foldable
  • Registration required
  • Need a license to drive a scooter
  • Unable to go off road

In addition, most cheap motor scooters for sale are not eco-friendly, so be sure to weigh the pros against the cons before commiting to a purchase.

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