Folding electric bikes provide cyclists with an efficient way to operate and store a bicycle. In case you are not familiar with why, folding ebikes can be compressed into a smaller size, thus making it possible to fit the device under a desk or even in a bag. 


That said, this type of convenience is often generated by altering ebike features, such as the frame. In this article, we take a look how the Jetson Bolt diverges from traditional ebike standards and discuss whether these alterations make the electric bicycle worth buying.


What is the Jetson Bolt?


Released in 2019, the Jetson Bolt is by most accounts a brand new folding ebike. Yet, despite the recent launch date, the asking price for a new Jetson Bolt is under $500. However, in the aftermarket, interested parties can purchase a used ebike for less than $300.


Considering most electric bicycles are available for a grand or more, the retail price for the Jetson Bolt is a bit surprising. So, what gives? 


To put it bluntly, the Jetson Bolt is super small. Although this is great for storage, the 12” tires diminish the power, and thus the potential, of the ebike. To elaborate, smaller wheels have to spin more often than larger wheels to cover the same distance. 


Due to this, more energy is needed to power an ebike with small wheels than an electric bicycle with larger wheels. Other noteworthy disadvantages associated with tiny tires are listed below.


  • Less shock is absorbed
  • Hard to go uphill on
  • Quick turns and other maneuvers are challenging to do
  • Almost impossible for tall cyclists to use


For those still hoping to purchase the Jetson Bolt for short commutes, be sure to evaluate whether the ebike features in the next section are worth tolerating.


Jetson Bolt Specifications


Cycling fans seeking an inexpensive way to cover short distances via a folding ebike may adore the Jetson Bolt. However, the same cannot be said for those hoping to ride an electric bike on trips over 15 miles. 


See, the Jetson Bolt can only cover about 17 miles on one charge. In addition, the top speed of the folding electric bike is 15 mph, or a mile every four minutes. Then, after about an hour of non-stop riding the ebike battery typically dies. Although this is not a big deal with larger ebikes, it is with the Jetson Bolt since the device lacks a cassette, pedals, and chains. 


Now that we know what the Jetson Bolt lacks, let’s take a look at what it has to offer.


  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to assemble
  • Can carry around in a backpack
  • Kickstand
  • Footrest
  • Weighs 34 lbs
  • Has a horn
  • Integrated, responsive head and backlights
  • Fenders
  • Rear disc brake
  • Powered by a throttle switch


Clearly, the Jetson Bolt is not for everyone.


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