Traditional bicycles have played a noteworthy part in history. As a result, cyclists worldwide tend to hold the original, non-electric design in high-esteem. Although this reverence is admirable, the viewpoint prevents biking enthusiasts from enjoying the perks that modern ebikes provide. Read on to find out what these bonuses are as we evaluate whether cyclists should upgrade their bicycle to an ebike.


Ebikes Can Be Used For Exercise


Contrary to popular belief, electric bicycles can be used for exercise. This delightful discovery was unearthed by observing the metabolic rates of cyclists as they rode e bikes for three miles. According to the results, e bikers were able to raise their heart and breathing rates to levels that are on par with exercising.


Cyclists on E Bikes Ride Longer


Pedal power is a great way to build up leg muscles. However, leveling up endurance takes time, and requires a bit of guesswork when it comes to route planning. Budding cyclists hoping to reduce the stress associated with these issues can do so via an electric bicycle.


To elaborate, bikers can start their trip using pedal power then switch over to electric when they tire. This technique ensures e bike owners are able to build up leg muscles without having to worry about being too tired to ride back home.


Electric Bike Conversion Kits Are Cheap


Given how popular e bikes are it should come as no surprise that conversion kits are widely available. For those unfamiliar, cheap electric bike conversion kits are detachable motors that can be installed onto almost any traditional bicycle. Cyclists can utilize these easy-to-install devices to upgrade their bike to an ebike for less than $500.


Can Go Uphill Without Getting Winded


A top tier endurance level does not always prevent cyclists from being winded while riding uphill. Knowing this, bikers may opt to upgrade their traditional bicycle to an e bike as a way to make traversing hilly areas a bit easier.


Enhanced Navigation and Safety


Cellphones can prompt cyclists to take their eyes off the road. Since this can cause an accident, bikers may desire a way to reduce or eliminate the impulse. One of the best ways to achieve this goal is by riding an e bike with navigation perks, such as those listed below.


  • GPS
  • Programmable, step by step route planning
  • LCD display features highly visible arrows that light up to indicate the next turn
  • Keeps track of mileage


In addition, many high-end e bikes come with touchscreens and bluetooth. When used together, this combination makes it possible for cyclists to answer phone calls without looking down.


Should Cyclists Upgrade Their Bicycle?


Adoration for traditional bikes tends to deter cyclists from procuring a cheap used electric bike. Although this stance is respectable, the shopping decision does cause bikers to miss out on the awesome perks outlined above. Taking this into consideration, bike enthusiasts may prefer to upgrade their traditional bike into an e bike.


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