VanMoof, electric bicycle manufacturer, is known as a luxury brand for ebikes. This feat was achieved via the utilization of high-quality components, state-of-the-art features, and other novel additions never implemented before in the industry. Find out more down below.


Gaining Popularity


Founded in 2009, VanMoof was formed when two brothers sought a way to transform city transportation. Since then, VanMoof has raised almost $60 million from venture capitalists, leading to the creation of luxury electric bicycles. This exclusive classification of bikes is due largely in part to the inclusion of the following.


  • Automatically shifts gears based on terrain and cycle pedal effort
  • Geolocation tracking
  • Wheels lock and alarm goes off when security system is activated via kickstand
  • Lights rest inside the e bicycle frame, rather than attached to it
  • Almost silent motor
  • Built-in system designed to maximize range and smooth gear transition
  • Hydraulic brakes
  • Security system can be unlocked via app
  • Digital bell and other features can be personalized
  • Front and rear cargo racks available
  • Test rides available at dealerships
  • Front and back fenders
  • Removable battery


As you can probably tell, VanMoof ebikes are high-quality machines worthy of the red carpet treatment. Yet, despite this status, VanMoof electric bicycles are available for under $2,000 or less when they are on sale. Although this does send mixed messages in regards to quality, the performance specs for the S3 and X3 models are just as impressive.


  • Economy mode gets about 90 miles per charge
  • Reaches 100% energy capacity in 4-hours
  • Top speeds of 20 mph


That said, the reason VanMoof is offering two ebike models is to accommodate various heights. The S3 is made for riders between 5’8” and 6’8”, whereas the X3 is more ideal for those with heights ranging from 5’ to 6’5”. 


Clearly, VanMoof has thought of virtually everything; including bike hunters.


What Are Bike Hunters?


As we mentioned above, VanMoof ebikes have Geolocation tracking embedded in them. This nifty feature makes it possible for the luxury brand electric bike to be tracked down after a theft. However, rather than rely on police to achieve this, VanMoof assigns the repossession assignment to a bike hunter.


These well-trained individuals use the Geolocation signal to track down stolen electric bikes. To-date, the professional team has a success rate of about 75% in Europe. Unfortunately, these decent results are not universal. In the United States, ebike retrieval rates are significantly less.


The differences in success rates are largely attributed to the lack of a height parameter in the geolocator. To elaborate, geo location only offers two coordinates, a longitude and a latitude. Although these are super handy, without the z-axis, also known as height, bike hunters are unable to pinpoint where an electric bicycle is in a high-rise building.


Nevertheless, once Geolocation is evolved to include the z-axis, bike hunters could prove to be vital assets in the world of tomorrow. Should this occur, electric bicycle manufacturers may need to employ their own fleet of bike hunters in the future to keep up with the competition.


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