One of the main things holding electric motorcycles back is power. To elaborate, typically non-gas motorcycles sacrifice battery life to generate the same speeds fuel powered rides achieve. This unwanted exchange is harnessed in an effort to overcome the lack of research conducted on electric engines. Fortunately, RGNT has found a way to overcome this hurdle.


RGNT No. 1

RGNT, a motorcycle manufacturer startup in Sweden, has developed a novel electric motorcycle. The device, dubbed No. 1, distinctly looks like a motorcycle while packing a hefty amount of power under its charming, aesthetic beauty. To generate the type of hype this delightful electric device deserves, RGNT is taking pre-orders online right now. 

Which means the No. 1 will not be available in a motorcycle shop or dealership anytime soon.

That said, release date is estimated to be August of 2020. Given this short amount of time, many motorcycle enthusiasts are eager to get their hands on one of these prototype electric sports bikes. You read that right. An electric sports bike. Find out more below.


No. 1 Specs

For roughly $164, you can reserve a brand new electric motorcycle. However, before you rush over to pre-order yours, make sure you have enough to foot the entire bill when it comes due. RGNT is asking a whopping $11,500 in total, which is pretty high considering the electric sports bike is being manufactured by a startup company.

Nevertheless, those that consider the No. 1 an affordable motorcycle are in for a real treat. 

This electric powered device can get up to about 77 mph, and covers an average of 93 miles. Although an official 0 to 60 mph record is not offered, being able to go full-speed on the highway is definitely a step in the right direction. Other features are listed below.

  • 7.7 kWh battery
  • Rear hub motor
  • 72 V system
  • 4 mm thick CBS hydraulic disc brakes
  • Four-piston brakes in front
  • Dual-piston brakes in back
  • Two handbrake levers
  • Fake gas tank can be used for storage
  • Can set user profile preferences
  • Updates are done wirelessly
  • Ride diagnostic tools are equipped automatically
  • Comes with 4G
  • Push button start
  • Silent ride
  • Smooth acceleration
  • Adjustable spring loaded suspension
  • Built-in GPS
  • LED Lights
  • 7” LCD Display
  • Digital infotainment system
  • Can be charged with a regular wall outlet

Speaking of recharging, riders can anticipate having to wait 4-hours for the electric motorcycle to get back up to 100%. Although this can be cumbersome, smaller charges are still feasible and well worth it considering the lack of carbon emissions.

That said, the No. 1 is available on a first come, first serve basis with free shipping for those living in the EU. Be sure to reserve yours today to ensure you can be among the first to obtain this sporty, 287 lbs bike.

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