Here in the states, winter season is upon us. Nevertheless, the weather continues to be more spring-like than snowy. Due to this, there are plenty of climate friendly riding days for motorcyclists ahead, especially in Charleston, South Carolina. 

And although this is may be an ideal situation for many motorcycle enthusiasts, an increase in drive time also bumps up the odds of an accident and we want to help you avoid that! To help you avoid these unwanted occurrences, we created the following safety guide.

Uneven Terrain

Regardless of whether you are driving a new or used motorcycle, one thing always remains the same. If the ground is not level, things can be dangerous. That said, this type of hazard can easily creep up on you. 

For example, a few inches of difference in the road you are on and the parking lot you want to enter is enough to cause an accident. However, this typically occurs when driving too fast or not paying attention. So, take heed.

Then there are pot holes. These signs of poor maintenance are a bit easier to identify and avoid in good weather. But that assurance can disappear real fast if the looming accident trap is around a corner. To avoid this, drop your speed when entering a curve.

Corners Are Not Your Friend

After buying a used Harley Davidson for sale or any of the other motorcycles for sale online, you may be interested in trying drifting. In case you are not familiar, this type of move is done by allowing the tail of your ride to slide freely. Often, this is done around a curve and if done correctly, can be exhilarating.

That said, if you just started your two-wheeled adventure by searching for craigslist motorcycles and purchasing one, avoid drifting until you gain more experience on the road. In addition, once you are a bit more familiar with the concept, be mindful if you opt to drift or accidentally do so. 

And do not enter a curve at high speeds unless you know that area intimately.

Other Drivers

Unfortunately, not all drivers are good at maneuvering a vehicle, let alone being aware that you are there. Due to this, it is very important to keep an eye on those around you in case someone does something unexpected. To be more specific, here are a few examples.

Say you are riding one of your used Honda motorcycles alongside a car. In this position, you are unable to see their turn signal, however, you can see the driver and it appears they can see you. Yet, they accelerate, go to pass you, and end up almost clipping your motorcycle.

In this scenario, one of two things happened. The driver saw you and misjudged the distance needed, likely due to being unaccustomed to driving with motorcycles. Or they simply did not see you. Either way, to reduce the odds of an accident, stay out of blind spots and do your best to formulate a worst-case scenario exit strategy.

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