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Ready to Experience Mopeds For Sale Without the Commitment? - Bintelli Powersports

Ready to Experience Mopeds For Sale Without the Commitment?

When it comes to the word rideshare, most people picture automobiles, electric scooters, rent-a-bikes, and maybe even helicopters. However, what typically does not come to mind is mopeds. This is likely due to the fact that these devices are typically advertised as “cheap gas scooter” or “cheap 50cc moped for sale”, or to put it another way, relatively inexpensive.

And if anyone can own one, there is likely not a market for renting mopeds. Right?

Well, a moped manufacturer opted to test that theory out. Revel, the moped manufacturer in question, recently started using their product as a rideshare item. And the results are in! People enjoy the convenience of rideshare mopeds.


Where You Can Try a Rideshare Moped

Those wishing to try the service out as soon as possible, may be able to do so, if you are in New York City, Washington D.C., Miami, or Austin, Texas. And if you are not in any of those locations you may be waiting a while. 

See, Revel is a professional company. When they want to set up shop in a city, they actually discuss the matter with local officials to ensure the launch goes smoothly. 

However, taking the noble path also takes time. As a result, Revel’s rideshare moped service will likely not be expanding outward to, let’s say Charleston, South Carolina, anytime soon.


What You Need to Qualify For a Test Drive

Knowing the rules of the road is a must if you are going to be driving on them. One of the best ways to ensure a rider knows said regulations is by requiring them to have a driver’s license. Other than that, everything is included with the motor scooter.

For example, liability insurance is included in the rental. Helmet too.

As for energy, Revel mopeds are electric. When the battery starts to get low, a technician comes out and replaces it with a fresh one. To ensure the technicians are able to find said scooter when it starts to die, riders are required to drop off said moped in a pre-designated area.

Needless to say, this is a pretty awesome way to try out a street legal moped before you commit to purchasing that adult moped you found online. If you’re in Charleston you can stop by Bintelli Powersports to put your hands on a wide variety of mopeds that they have available in their dealership.


An Eco-friendly Solution or Waste of Space?

As technology advances, most older models fall dramatically in price. Due to this, you can find one of the best mopeds or scooters of years past under an ad for “gas scooters for sale near me” or “cheap gas scooter with seat”. Although these older models are not electric, they are lighter on fuel. Which means they are better for the environment, and your wallet, compared to automobiles.

In addition, new mopeds and the best 150cc scooters take up less space on the road. By reducing the amount of space consumed, commuters are likely to find it easier to maneuver about the city, even in rush hour. Therefore, it stands to reason Revel’s novel moped idea is worth pursuing. 

However, if rideshare is not your cup of tea, or if you are not in one of the lucky locations where Revel is operating, be sure to grab your own gas powered scooter for adults at Bintelli Powersports during the holiday season when prices are low.

Bintelli Powersports is your one stop shop for mopeds and scooters for sale in Charleston. In stock are several models of 49cc and 150cc mopeds for sale in a variety of colors and styles! Give them a call at (843) 405-8366 or visit them online