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Pennsylvania Shows ATV Enthusiasts Some Love - Bintelli Powersports

Pennsylvania Shows ATV Enthusiasts Some Love

Looks like Pennsylvania is starting the 2019 holiday season off right by expanding the amount of ATV trails. Thanks to state officials diligent planning, approximately 155 miles of unused or abandoned land will be updated to better suit the needs of ATV riders. 

Once complete, those who adore racing along dirt paths on 110 ATVs, 125 quads, or kids all terrain vehicles, will be in for a treat. 

Let’s take a look at how this project was funded, which counties get the biggest portion of the funding, and why you should consider visiting, even if you live in Charleston, South Carolina.


How to Pay For a 155 Mile Expansion

Whenever an ATV is registered, be it a mini four wheeler, 110cc atv, or a 125cc quad, the money paid in is stored. Overtime, these smaller transactions really start to add up. And once the total sum reaches a certain level, the money is redistributed back into the community. 

Or at least, that is how it works in Pennsylvania. Things may be a bit different in Charleston, SC where Bintelli Powersports specializes in ATVs for sale.

See, the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Reservation created an ATV grant program. The goal of state officials was to encourage citizens to register roughly 285,000 ATVs. By doing so, Pennsylvania ended up raising about $647,000. 

And all of that money is being funnelled into enriching the ATV scene.


Where the Money is Going

Generating cash is great and all, but what really matters is how that money ends up being spent. Pennsylvania is distributing the registration funds between seven counties, Cambria, Clearfield, Lawrence, Luzerne, Northumberland, Susquehanna, and Wayne.

That said, not all counties are getting an equal portion of the proverbial pie. For example, Cambria and Clearfield are splitting $121,000, whereas Lawrence is going to exclusively receive about $390,000. Check out the break down below.

  • Cambria – $60,500 for equipment, maintenance, and building of trails
  • Clearfield – $60,500 on Rock Run Recreation Area updates
  • Lawrence – $390,000 to purchase over 200 acres in an effort to expand Mines and Meadows ATV Park
  • Northumberland – $19,000 spent on developing a 4 mile trail in Coal Township
  • Luzerne – $62,000 shared to conduct a study on whether or not to build a new ATV facility in the area
  • Susquehanna – $27,000 on testing the viability of 13 mile stretch of trail
  • Wayne – $27,000 to prepare the old Ontario and Western Railroad area for ATVS

Although the studies and research seem like a waste of money, they are not. 

These in-depth analysis ensure the safety of riders using kids quads, 110cc atvs, or even 49cc mini quads. For example, the money can be used to research whether or not sinkholes are going to open up under a trail while people are using them.


Why You Should Visit

No trail is exactly the same. Each route has its own unique characteristics, sites, and adventures begging to be experienced. That said, some trails are better than others. And since Pennsylvania is clearly not afraid to go all out when it comes to ATVs, their trails are likely going to be top tier.

So, when you are shopping for gas four wheelers, kids quad bikes, or even 125cc four wheelers, be sure to make that purchase worthwhile. Visit dedicated parks that keep their grounds updated and worth your time.

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