Yamaha, a well-known sports bike manufacturer, has found a way to shrink down the power of its motors into a neat, compact size. As a result, the new electric engine Yamaha developed is perfect for future motorcycles, larger devices, and other potential collaborations with various automobile manufacturers.


Yamaha Sports Bikes


If you have ever road on a new or used Yamaha R3 you know first hand what rit is like to ride on a classy sports bike. In case you are not familiar, the R3 is capable of going from 0-60 in under 3 seconds, all while managing to get about 63 mpg.


Utilizing the engine specs needed to produce these impressive figures, Yamaha engineers manege to compress all that power down into a compact unit. By doing so, they were able to create the 35 kW motor. As we mentioned above, this motor is a standalone unit, which means one day it may be compatible with a plethora of sports bikes found at local motorcycle shops.


According to Takashi Hara, Yamaha engineer, “We developed EV motors first with our motorcycles, and we’ve continued that work, but also combined the know-how from our engines to create these new units. The 35kW unit was developed for all small mobility applications, including motorcycles.”


When asked why Yamaha wanted to make compact electric engines Hara stated “We thought making the units compact was paramount and the coils inside use segment conductors. Using our casting technology for the housings enables an extremely compact design. This all results in a very small unit overall.”


Although a detailed report has not yet been issued, here is what we gleaned from the Youtube video launched in early July.


  • Goes from 0 to 68 mph in 13 seconds
  • Uses Powertrain technology
  • Excellent output efficiency
  • May be adapted to manufacturer’s application, implying collaborations are welcomed
  • Fine tuned the sound engine produces when accelerating to enhance experience


To elaborate on that last point, creating a fun, exciting experience is what Yamaha takes pride in achieving. This unique, industry-leading goal is perpetuated in almost every sports bike made by the manufacturer, including those that show up when searching for “used yamaha motorcycles for sale” online. 


To highlight the company’s manufacturing goal, Hara proclaimed “We believe things like the sound, response, and torque delivery are where we should dedicate our efforts.” The engineer went on to say “Creating excitement as you drive, corner, and brake is the most important thing. It’s what we value. With the ride in particular, our approach is to create torque delivery allowing you to drive exactly as you want.”


By focusing on enhancing operation sounds and generating enthralling experience, Yamaha hopes to deliver high-quality electric engines, officially dubbed as “Emotional EV Motors”. Be sure to take this into consideration when browsing online for “used sport bikes for sale near me”, “pre owned motorcycles for sale”, or “used choppers for sale”.


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