The first motorcycle ever created was a traditional bicycle with a motor strapped on. Since this original design, the two-wheeled concept has experienced multiple evolutions that eventually branched into modern e bikes and motorcycles. To honor this rich history, Luna Cycle developed the Sur Ron X Bike. 


What Are the Sur Ron E Bikes?


The Sur Ron series is an e bicycle model that looks like a dirt bike. This appearance is achieved by housing engine related components inside a large metallic block under the seat, and equipping the e bike with extended, knobby tread tires. That said, the latest model in the Sur Ron series is the X Bike. 


The new, updated model addresses issues reported by consumers in previous e bike iterations. Luna Cycle also enhanced the X Bike to make it easier for e bicycle fans to transform the two-wheeled device into a motorcycle in less than ten minutes.


Sur Ron X Bike


As we mentioned above, the new Sur Ron e bike can be used as a motorcycle. To achieve the dangerous feat, cyclists remove the speed inhibitor cap on the e bicycle. Although removing the aforementioned safety gear is not advised, those that opt to do so cap can harness the supreme power generated by the following high-quality components.


  • 110cc engine
  • Enhanced 80 amp Sine Wave X-Controller
  • Lightweight, 2000 watt, 60v 31.9ah Panasonic battery can be swapped out quickly to extend any ride
  • Quiet, long-lasting O-Ring Chain


As an added bonus, the X Bike has regenerative coasting and braking. In case you are not familiar, this novel feature makes it possible for cyclists to capture any energy that would normally be lost when slowing down. By utilizing the regen perk and pedal assist mode options, e bike fans can cover about 40 miles per charge. 


Speaking of which, the Sur Ron X Bike typically recharges in roughly 3-hours, and comes with a 10 amp 600 watt charger. Other noteworthy features are listed hereafter.


  • Sporty handlebar grips
  • Rock solid, 8-inch suspension system in the front and back
  • Weighs 110 lbs
  • Max capacity of 286 lbs


Between the powerful motor and battery, it is easy to understand why e bike fans are tempted to mod the novel electric bicycle. However, since removing the speed cap can be catastrophic, cyclists may prefer to not mod the powersports machine at all and instead use the powerful device as an e mountain bike.


How to Buy a Sur Ron X Bike


Every limited edition electric bicycle in the Sur Ron series is super rare. This feat is achieved by only manufacturing e bikes that are pre-ordered during a specified time frame. For example, as of date, Luna Cycle is taking pre-orders for the X Bike model, which is scheduled to be delivered by mid October.


Cyclists interested in owning the new Sur Ron e bike can anticipate paying about $4,200.


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