Cheap scooters are eco-friendly, lightweight, and do not need electricity to work. The aforementioned fuelless mobility perk is made possible when operators stand on the e scooter platform, kick-off of the ground with one foot, and propel the powersports machine forward. 


Given the benefits of the aforementioned contingency plan, it is somewhat surprising that gas powered mopeds and most e scooters with a seat do not have a “kick-off” feature. To rectify the overlooked opportunity, Scrooser developed a new electric kick paddle scooter. Find out more about the novel e moped down below.


Electric Kick Paddle Scooter


Dubbed the Scrooser, this motor scooter is a solid mix of e moped and kick paddle features, such as the fuelless mobility perk mentioned above. However, unlike traditional scooters, the Scrooser harnesses the energy generated by kicking off of the ground akin to how the pedal assist system works on ebikes. 


In case you are not familiar, the pedal assist system, also known as PAS, makes it possible for cyclists to conserve energy by using electric and pedal power in a fluid manner. When this energy saving system was reimagined for the Scrooser, the moped manufacturer leverage the technology to ensure moped fans achieve the following.


  • Extend ride range to about 28 miles per charge
  • Continue to use the e moped when the battery is depleted
  • Conserve energy via four different PAS modes
  • Start the scooter as soon as the kick-off element is activated
  • Accelerate


To expand upon that last point, the kick-off component is used to increase and decrease speed. 


Here is how it works.


When a moped fan kicks off of the ground, the large, extra wide wheels start to rotate. In response, the engine updates the current speed of the device to match the increase in tire rotation. Once a sufficient amount of kick-push actions are implemented, the Scrooser caps electric powered acceleration at 15 mph.


As for deaccelerating, the moped engine shuts off as soon as the operator applies the brakes. This nifty feature gives scooter fans a way to coast purely on momentum, or come to a complete stop in a safe, efficient manner.


Best Electric Moped Perks


Beyond the benefits of the kick paddle component, the Scrooser is an aesthetically pleasing, minimalistic scooter that comes with the following features and traits.


  • Removeable, 36V, 20Ah battery
  • To deter thieves, the energy capsule container is stored under the moped footrest
  • Stands upright when not in use
  • Head and tail lights
  • One side mirror
  • Front and back fenders
  • Side reflectors
  • 3-hour recharge time
  • 132 lbs
  • 6 ft long, 1.9 ft wide, 4 ft tall


Needless to say, it is easy to see why the Scrooser is gaining popularity despite. 


That said, it is important to note the electric kick paddle scooter has two major drawbacks. The price, and a nationwide sidewalk restriction. To elaborate, the $4,000 motor scooter is not a street legal moped. Be sure to take this into consideration prior to purchase.


For more information about the new electric kick paddle scooter, go here.


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