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New E Mountain Bike Boasts Hidden Features - Bintelli Powersports

New E Mountain Bike Boasts Hidden Features

Traditional mountain bikes are known to have strong frames, powerful brakes, and gear capable of keeping up with adventurous cyclists. So, when an ebike manufacturer states their new e mountain bicycle “bridges the divide between pedal assist and traditional bikes”, it is easy to see why the comment did not go unnoticed. Read on to find out more about the e-bike in question.


Trek Fuel EXe 9.5


As we mentioned above, an electric bicycle manufacturer described their new powersports machine as being able to bridge traditional bicycles with those equipped with pedal assist. What we did not reveal, however, is the e-bike business in question is Trek, and their new e mountain bicycle is referred to as the Fuel EXe 9.5.


That said, the statement issued by Trek appears to be related to the fact that the non-cheap e-bike is almost indistinguishable from a traditional mountain bicycle. To fully appreciate why, check out some of the non-electric perks the bike comes with.


  • Sturdy, lightweight, carbon frame
  • 150mm RockShox Gold RL front suspension fork
  • 140mm RockShox Deluxe Select+ rear suspension located below and in front of the seat
  • Rugged, thick tires
  • Long cage derailleur, and 12-speed gear-shifter made by Shimano
  • Well-designed cockpit


As for the electric attributes, Trek opted to make most of these features hidden, and a few examples are below.


  • Built-in, compact 250W motor operates quietly
  • All wires are located inside the e mountain bicycle
  • Removable, 360W battery slides discreetly into the underside of the frame
  • Fully-integrated, harmonic pin ring transmission generates about 50 Nm of torque


Nevertheless, it is important to note an up close inspection of the Fuel EXe 9.5 may make it obvious the bicycle is an e-bike in some situations. See, right below the handlebar is a built-in, LED dashboard. And even though this unit is somewhat discreet, the brightness of the bluetooth-compatible component appears to be noticeable when standing nearby.


But other than the integrated, digital dashboard, most onlookers are not going to be able to tell the Fuel EXe 9.5 is an electric mountain bike. Therefore, it is pretty safe to say the new mountain bike from Trek is unlikely to be stolen by those exclusively seeking electric bicycles.


Non-cheap E Mountain Bike


Beyond appearances and the hidden features listed above, the Fuel EXe 9.5 offers a pedal assist system capable of extending ride time to about 5-hours on average. In addition, the 50 lbs e mountain bike has a load capacity of 300 lbs, a 34.9 mm seat tube, and an energy capsule boasting the following perks.


  • Collapsible handle
  • Lights denoting the charge level
  • Becomes ready-to-go in about 2-hours


Powersports machine fans interested in buying the new e mountain bike from Trek may be delighted to know the Fuel EXe 9.5 is available in four different sizes. For more information about the $6,500 electric mountain bicycle, click here.


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