Since its conception in 1893, atvs have become a beloved pastime for people around the world. As a result, this thrilling, speedy hobby is often shared with children. Although the notion is often done with good intentions, the excitement of the event tends to cloud parental judgement leaving little ones ill prepared to operate such machinery.


Left to their own devices, unprepared children end up getting into atv accidents leading to injuries or fatalities. In light of this, the Nationwide Children’s Hospital set out to better understand how to prevent these tragedies from occurring. To accomplish this, the organization reviewed the last 24 years of accidents related to all terrain vehicles. 


What they discovered is heartbreaking.


Unprepared to Ride ATVs


Based in Columbus, Ohio, Nationwide Children’s Hospital is one of the top ten best pediatric facilities in the nation. They strive to better the lives of young adults by providing age specific healthcare, conducting novel tests in labs, and analyzing statistical data. 


Most recently, the hospital paid researchers to review ATV accidents from 1990 to 2014.


The study revealed that time and time again young ones have paid the price for adults not properly preparing them for atv use. Or worse, letting children operate a device capable of achieving dangerous speeds. That said, here are the main facts revealed by the research.


  • Roughly 11,000 children went to the emergency room per year due to an adult or kids four wheeler accident
  • Over the 24 year time frame, about 264,000 kids had to go to the hospital after an all terrain vehicle wreck occurred
  • Of the aforementioned little ones, the 46% of them were under the age of 12


Considering the recommended age for riding an ATV is 16 years old, the results are alarming.


Breaking the Trend to Make ATVing Safe


In addition to the age regulation issue, researchers also discovered which types of accidents are more likely to occur when a child is riding a kids four wheeler. To spread awareness of these hazards and hopefully reduce the number of annual kids atv accidents, the hospital shared the following findings with the public.


  • 30% of children are thrown or violently removed from an ATV during a wreck
  • Kids in an atv accident occurring on the road were 1.5 times more likely to be taken to the hospital
  • Roughly 31 children are injured a day due to riding on a four wheeler
  • 16% of kids experienced a rollover type accident while atving


Taking this into consideration, parents are encouraged to promote safe riding habits. This topic should be introduced as soon as the 4×4 is revealed as a gift or at least before the child operates the device. Ideal requirements to enforce include capping speed outputs, mandating a helmet is worn, and encouraging seat belt use if the safety gear is available. 


Other core concepts responsible parents should look into are buying a used four wheeler that is specifically designed for children to ride on, and adhering to riding age recommendations.


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