Motorcyclists are awesome. In addition to maintaining a fun hobby, these selfless, caring individuals are showing their support for essential workers across the nation. By doing so, motorcycle enthusiasts hope to boost morale of those working hard to keep America safe.

Here at Bintelli, we want to highlight some of these kind acts to show appreciation for our fellow citizens on both sides of quarantine.


Michigan Motorcyclists

Thanks to efforts put in by the Mercy Riders motorcycle club and Rick Umphrey, on the first Saturday of May, 200 motorcycle enthusiasts gathered in Michigan. Their goal was to raise some noise and show their appreciation by riding around Port Huron. 

To accomplish the uplifting objective, Harley Davidson, Kawasaki, Yamaha, and other sports bike engines were revved all around emergency establishments throughout the city. Those from the same household that opted to ride as passengers waved creative signs to let nurses, doctors, and other medical staff know why they were there.

After the encouraging spectacle ended, the motorcyclists took things one step further and delivered lunch to said individuals as they continued their efforts to save those affected by COVID-19. This kind addition was made possible by Chicken in the Rough and Jet’s Pizza.


Motorcycle and Jeep Enthusiasts in Florida

Meanwhile in Jacksonville, Florida, a parade was unfolding to express similar support for essential workers. However, during this particular event Jeep loyalists joined in too. 

The group followed a route that took them past a few Baptist and Memorial Hospitals, before coming to an end at Ascension St. Vincent’s. During the parade, horns were blasted, engines were revved, and signs were frantically waved in an attempt to let everyone working that their efforts were appreciated.


Red Knights Chapter 13 in North Carolina

When Jason Mullins, President of Red Knights Chapter 13, and Keith Bills, a First Responder, found out the local food banks were running out of supplies, the pair took action. They called on fellow citizens to contribute what they could and promised to deliver said donations to the Iredell Christian Ministries, or ICM. Five days later, the donation drive generated roughly $1,400 and over 3,500 lbs of food.

Then, on May 2nd, the Red Knights Chapter 13 group met up at STE Powersports to deliver the donations to ICM in style, and celebration. To accomplish this, the club loaded the donations onto their motorcycles and started their journey across town.

Along the way, two police officers blocked traffic to ensure motorcycle enthusiasts were able to stay together, thus raising awareness of the cause. As a result, all drivers were able to stay in formation, regardless of whether they were driving Harley Davidsons, Yamahas, Kawasakis, or other sports bikes.

Upon delivery, Stacy Barton, ICM employee, immediately weighed the food and started stocking the empty shelves. During the process, Barton stated “I think this is awesome”, and went on to note that “This is going to help us feed families.”

For more information about this charitable deed, go here.

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