Motorcycles have delighted fans and captivated onlookers for almost 140 years. Throughout the aforementioned journey, the cosmetic and internal makeup of the sports bikes has evolved. Although this typically occurs as the demands of the market change, the latest trend appears to take a page out of the moped development playbook.


To elaborate, the space between the seat and back tire of many 2021 motorcycles is missing.


This design principle is often implemented in mopeds to reduce weight, increase speed potential and fuel efficiency. That said, the benefits appear to outweigh the unusual appearance, which is why the following motorcycles are worth getting excited over in 2021.


Ducati Monster


Featuring a light, aluminum alloy frame, the Ducati Monster is a sleek, streamlined beast. Weighing in at 414 lbs, the liquid-cooled, 937cc Testatretta 11° V-Twin engine is capable of 111 horsepower, 9,250 rpm, and 69 pound-feet of torque. To keep the timing of every component synchronized, four desmodromic valves are utilized.


For clarity, the aforementioned components are monitored by a camera and leverage system. The set up is used to confirm the valves are actually closed, and when. 


Although this may seem trivial, the slightest closure delay or hiccup can hinder performance. To bypass the issue, Ducati developed high-quality desmodromic valves that confirm each closure and opening as quickly as possible. 


Starting price of the 2021 Ducati Monster is about $12,000.


Triumph Trident 660


To keep the price low, Triumph, a motorcycle manufacturer, opted to equip the Trident 660 with a steel frame and forego a few high-end systems, such as IMU. 


In case you are not familiar, IMU, or inertial measurement unit, keeps track of lean angle and acceleration. Using this information, the program maximizes performance and reduces the likelihood of an accident. Despite not including an IMU, the Trident 660 is equipped with ABS, or Anti-Lock Brake System, as well as the following features.


  • 660cc three-cylinder engine
  • 80 horsepower
  • 10,250 rpm
  • 47 pound-feet of torque
  • Traction control
  • Nissin braking system
  • Showa suspension


Needless to say, with a starting price of $8,000, the Triumph Trident 660 is worth checking out.


Kawasaki Ninja 400


Rounding out our list is the Kawasaki Ninja 400. This gorgeous model comes in a wide array of fabulous colors, weighs a mere 368 lbs, and is comprised of the following.


  • Lightweight, tube type steel trellis frame
  • 4-stroke 399cc twin-cylinder engine
  • liquid-cooled
  • ABS
  • Uni-Trak® rear suspension
  • Dual LED headlights
  • Multi purpose dashboard with an indicator for gear position
  • World-class roll-on acceleration
  • Clip-on handlebars to improve comfort
  • Ergonomic footrests


In addition, the Kawasaki Ninja 400 has Assist & Slipper Clutch technology which achieves the following feats.


  • Prevents rear tire from hopping or skidding
  • Keeps clutch pull light
  • Generates a wide range of clutch engagement options
  • Reduces energy needed for back-torque
  • Creates silky smooth downshifts


Base price for this high-quality, albeit cheap motorcycle is only $5,000.


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