Joyriding on a Yamaha, used Honda CBR, or any other high-quality motorcycle is an absolute treat. Being able to share that overtly positive experience with others is nothing shy of blissful.

Hence why so many clubs have existed for over five decades.

Let’s take a look at some of the motorcycle clubs you should consider joining once you commit to buying that ‘best budget motorcycle’ you found online.


Brother Speed

If you are located in Boise, Idaho you may want to look into the Brother Speed club. This unique group was founded in 1969, which is long before you could use the internet, let alone Google ‘street motorcycles for sale’.

And speaking of which, Brother Speed does not care which used motorcycle store you visit to obtain your used motorcycle. As long as you are willing to ride, you are in.


Chosen Few MC

With members in the Philippines and California, the Chosen Few MC have established themselves as an all-inclusive club. This awesome group was originally founded in South Central California, way back when the year was 1959. 

Yet, despite being around for over five decades, the group continues to share their enthusiasm for motorcycling to this very day. If you are interested in joining, you may be pleased to know the Chosen Few MC do not have regulations on which affordable motorcycles can be used.


Hell’s Angels

As one of the most well-known and infamous motorcycle clubs, Hell’s Angels reputation precedes itself. That said, there are a bunch of regulations members must abide by to join up and maintain membership, such as the following.

  • No law enforcement experience allowed
  • Applying for a position related to law counts as experience
  • Only motorcycles with a 750cc engine or better are permitted
  • Members have to be asked to join

Needless to say, if you are interested in joining this exclusive, global club you need to be picky when choosing a ‘motorbike store near me’ to shop at.



Founded in 1935, the Outlaws have a deep rooted hatred for the Hell’s Angels club. As a result, new members must share this sentiment and have no history with the other club. 

If you share this disdain and are a fan of global motorcycle brands, such as Yamaha, you may want to reconsider joining. Members of the Outlaws are only allowed to ride motorcycles made in the United States, such as used Harleys.

That said, Outlaws are a nation-wide group. So, if you qualify and are in Charleston, South Carolina you may be able to join up.


Black Sabbath

Unlike some of the clubs on our list, the Black Sabbath Motorcycle Club are not listed as outlaws by the United States Department of Justice. The group, founded in 1974, simply takes pride in enjoying the open road as motorcycle enthusiasts. 

Due to this love of riding, all bikes, even inexpensive motorcycles, are permitted as long as they match the following engine specs.

  • 750cc for cruisers
  • 600cc for sports bikes

In case those numbers sound familiar to you, the parameters align with street legal motorcycles regulations.

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