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Most Popular Types of Motorcycles in 2022 - Bintelli Powersports

Most Popular Types of Motorcycles in 2022

There are quite a few motorcycle types in existence. As a result, finding the perfect sports bike can be a bit overwhelming for shoppers searching online for cheap used motorized devices. Taking this into consideration, we created the following guide to help budding powersports machines fans familiarize themselves with the most popular types of motorcycles in 2022.


Cheap Used Standard Motorcycles


Standards, aka naked bikes or roadsters, are often equipped with just the bare essentials. As a result, these powersports machines usually have a low MSRP. Taking this into consideration, it should come as no surprise most motorcyclists acquire this type of motorcycle for the daily commute. Other noteworthy attributes are highlighted below.


  • Encourages drivers to maintain an upright sitting position
  • Standards are the most common cheap used sports bike for sale online
  • Offers decent fuel efficiency ratings


That said, roadsters are considered to be the ideal sports bike for beginners to start out on.


Cruiser Powersports Machines


As the name implies, cruisers are made for joyriding on the highway in a comfortable manner. Popular models include Indian motorcycles, Harley Davidsons, and choppers that feature tall, swept-back handlebars.


Cheap Touring Motorized Devices


Based on the title alone most motorcyclists can deduce this type of motorcycle is aptly suited for long-distance travel. Top features associated with this sports bike model include a powerful engine, and the following.


  • Windshield
  • Gas powered sports bikes typically have a large fuel tank
  • Seat is designed to promote a relaxed posture
  • Lots of storage space


And given the ample capacity for luggage, it is easy to see why this type of motorcycle is often referred to as a bagger or dresser model.


Used Sports Bikes For Sale


Designed for speed, sports bikes are great for racing and getting to a destination really fast. To aptly complement the aforementioned use, motorcycle manufacturers usually bestow the powersports machine type with the features below.


  • High-performance engines
  • Powerful braking systems
  • Luxury suspension gear
  • Advanced turning technology
  • Body design capable of minimizing drag as much as possible


But as impressive as these perks are, it is important to note there is a major trade-off associated with using sports bikes. An uncomfortable sitting position.


Off-Road Motorcycles


This motorcycle type is designed for quick maneuvering, swift acceleration, and height defying travel, such as zooming up a steep sand dune with little to no resistance. And to achieve these feats, sports bike manufacturers typically equip off-road motorcycles with a plethora of the gear that cannot be added to street legal powersports machines.


Cheap Dual-Purpose Sports Bikes


Motorcycle fans aiming to own a powersports machine capable of going full throttle both on and off the road may be interested in owning a dual-purpose sports bike. These delightful motorized devices are a bit heavier than off-road motorcycles, and they typically include all of the safety gear needed to be street legal.


Used Sport Touring Powersports Machines


Sports bike fans interested in taking their motorcycle cross-country are encouraged to check out the motorcycle type known as sport touring. These models are often equipped with the best features associated with sports bikes and touring powersports machines.


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